Monday, December 11, 2017

DEADMA WALKING - the MMFF comedy film “to-live-for!”

With a grade of A from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) and over four million views of its trailer in just three days, the feel-good comedy Deadma Walking is quickly becoming one of the much-talked-about and most awaited entries of this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival!

As of December 6, 2017, the movie starring Joross Gamboa and Edgar Allan “EA” Guzman as two gay best friends who mount a fake wake and funeral, is just one among the few among the eight MMFF films to receive an “A” from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB).

Based on screenplay that won second prize at the Palanca Awards for Literature, the CEB commended Deadma Walking for its fine direction, editing, script, acting, and heartwarming message.

The CEB summation stated, “Director Julius Alfonso has an auspicious debut film in Deadma Walking, which is brilliantly visualized and combines humor, drama and camp to come up with the right mix seldom seen in the year-end festival. ‘The comic timing and musical numbers give the film an engaging energy,’ according to one Cinema Evaluation Board member.”

Furthermore, the government body described the storytelling as “superb,” the cinematography as “very good,” and the production design as having a “wow factor.”

The CEB also praised the performances of the entire cast, citing leads EA and Joross as “obvious standouts” and Dimples Romana who, according to the CEB, “puts in a good turn.”

While Deadma Walking is about dying, the CEB highlighted that it celebrates life and friendship by reiterating that “The gay tragicomedy is different fare for the film fest and does not disappoint.” One CEB member said that the film had the board in stitches as they were reviewing the film.

Netizens are also acknowledging Deadma Walking as a potential MMFF hit and they are eagerly awaiting its opening on Christmas Day.

The release of the full trailer over the weekend was immediately met with enthusiastic response. 

For updates about this movie to-live-for, check out the Facebook pages of producer T-Rex Entertainment.

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