Thursday, January 26, 2023

How to know the country of origin of your iPhone / iPad?

We can determine the iPhone/iPad origin country, we can check it through its model code.

Go to Settings > General > About > Model

1. Open the Settings menu.
2. Select General
3. Select About.
4. Then scroll down until the “Model” appears in the about Tab.

The two letters before the slash (/), that is the country of origin of your iPhone/iPad. If the last two letters before the slash are ‘’LL" (see image above), then your iPhone’s country of origin is USA. Similarly, if the last letter before the slash is ‘PP,’ that means your iPhone was  made in the Philippines.

Device Model Code (Country of Origin of iPhone/iPad):

A - Canada

AB - UAE, Saudi Arabia

AE - UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

AH - Bahrain, Kuwait

B - Great Britain or Ireland

BZ - Brazil

C - Canada

CH - China

CN - Slovakia

СZ - Czech Republic

D - Germany

DN - Holland, Austria, Germany

E - Mexico

EE - Estonia

ET - Estonia

F - France

FB - Luxembourg

FS - Finland

FD - Liechtenstein, Austria, or Switzerland

GR - Greece

HB - Israel

HN - India

IP - Italy

J - Japan

KH - China, South Korea

KN - Denmark or Norway

KS - Finland or Sweden

LA - Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador

LE - Argentina


LP - Poland

LT - Lithuania

LV - Latvia

LZ - Paraguay, Chile

MG - Hungary

MY from Malaysia

NF - Luxembourg, Belgium, France

PK - Finland, Poland

PL - Poland

PM - Poland

PO - Portugal

PP - Philippines

QL - Italy, Spain, Portugal

QN - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland

RK - Kazakhstan

RM - Russia or Kazakhstan

RO - Romania

RP - Russia

RR - Russia

RS - Russia

RU - Russia

SE - Serbia

SL - Slovakia

SO - South Africa

SU - Ukraine

T - Italy

TA - Taiwan

TU - Turkey

UA - Ukraine

X - Australia

X - New Zealand

Y - Spain

ZA from Singapore

ZD - Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, France, Switzerland, Monaco

ZP - Hong Kong, Macau

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