Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Bring third wave coffee right in your home with Breville’s line of espresso machine

Coffee is more than just a quintessential drink. It is a hobby, a culture, and even a lifestyle for many. While a lot of trends have come and gone for everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-upper, many will agree that we are now in the golden era of appreciating and enjoying this drink as we continue to ride the great third coffee wave.

For a quick refresher, third wave coffee started in the 1980s when more focus was given to the coffee beans and the roasting methods used in crafting the drink. The goal of the movement was simple: bring exotic flavors out of well-grown beans to start a whole new level of appreciation for coffee. The third wave movement was a whole 360 turn from the first wave—where the beverage was highly commercialized for fast consumption with low priority given to quality (think 3-in-1 and instant packs)—and second wave coffee where cafe culture rose.

Vanessa Caceres, a pro in the field, has this to say to describe the third wave movement: "It represents a shift from the mass production and standardization of coffee to a focus on the unique characteristics of individual beans, cultivation methods, and brewing techniques. Third wave coffee enthusiasts often prioritize direct trade relationships with farmers, sustainable farming practices, and meticulous roasting and brewing methods to highlight the flavors and nuances of the coffee. This movement has led to an increased appreciation for coffee as a craft beverage, similar to the way wine or craft beer are appreciated.”

As third wave coffee continues to evolve, the appreciation for its culture continues to grow.
Unlike the early years when the understanding of third wave coffee was limited to a certain niche, however, access to it has now become more open to everyone. Breville Philippines, the leader in premium lifestyle home and kitchen partners, is one brand that has definitely helped unlock the appreciation for third wave coffee with its top-of-the-line range of espresso machines. For Breville, their mission was simple—give everyone a chance to bring home their love for third wave coffee through their products.

Proof of their dedication to this market promise is their wide range of espresso machines that fit the needs of every kind of coffee lover. Regardless of your love for the drink or your skill in making it, Breville has a kitchen partner that can blend in perfectly with your lifestyle.

The Barista Express is for those who feel more confident of exploring more ways to enjoy their coffee with its features that allow easier customization while the Barista Touch is recommended for coffee lovers who still need help in other aspects of coffee brewing with its auto milk function, user-friendly touch screen for customization and personalized brewing settings.

Patricia Villegas, a third wave coffee enthusiast who considers herself a newbie still when it comes to the culture has this to say about her love for the drink."The greatest challenge would be not knowing where to begin. I just knew I love coffee and I wanted to deepen my knowledge about it. Thankfully, there is a lot of great content and online groups dedicated to this topic which enabled me to learn more about third-wave coffee one day at a time."
Vanessa adds to this, saying, "With the third wave coffee, it’s not only about educating the people about the drink, but sharing the story behind the cup. [A big part of it] is all about providing genuine experience for those who want to experience it. From the consumer’s perspective, that means having a good espresso machine they can use. What I like about Breville is that it was able to design models that opened up this possibility for everyone–and without compromising the quality of the drink.”

The rise of brands like Breville has totally changed the game of third wave coffee culture by making it more accessible to the market all while retaining the ‘romance’ and precision that comes with it. Quality-wise, all coffee lovers can expect the same refined taste and experience regardless of their level of understanding of the culture. With the Breville Barista Line, anyone can elevate their current love for coffee by bringing home kitchen partners that can help them experiment more with their favorite drinks.

Those who want to elevate their home coffee experience will also be glad to know that Breville has more exciting things in store this year that will make all their caffeine-loving hearts beat harder, pun intended. Watch out for upcoming news from the brand and learn how you can #BringBrevilleHome by following their Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts. You can also learn more about their products by visiting their website.

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