Friday, May 3, 2019

How do I know when it’s time to update my restaurant POS System?

The new era restaurant POS system has gone beyond being a mere restaurant billing software and evolved into an end-to-end restaurant management tool. While there are restaurant owners who are keen on having the best POS systems, like a Merchant Account Solutions Clover POS System that are customized to suit their business operations, there are those who still can’t decide whether to upgrade or replace their existing ones. To alleviate this dilemma, here are some warning signs that it’s time for a change of POS system:

1. It’s complicated to use and manage
If a POS system’s interface makes basic tasks like placing orders, splitting checks, and quick checkout more complicated than they should be, then it’s high time to look for a new one. Restaurants that are still using traditional POS systems should seriously consider switching to tablet-based POS for quicker and more convenient updates.

2. It slows down service
The speed of service seems like an unimportant issue but it’s one thing that people remember the most after they leave. Even if the establishment serves incredibly good and affordable food, if their service comes off as too slow, the whole experience may feel unsatisfactory to customers. A quality retail POS like the Cloverflex and Booker makes managing rush hour easy. Processing customer payments is done in a snap with a POS module that is functional and intuitive.

3. It’s expensive to run and maintain
Several factors contribute to a POS system being too expensive. Any restaurant that operates with a POS that takes up too much hardware and is costly to run and maintain is in urgent need of an upgrade.

4. It only allows limited payment options
Restaurant owners should consider switching to a POS that caters to most, if not all, credit cards and debit cards. They should also look into systems that can handle payments through mobile applications.

5. It's not very useful in customer relations management
Modern POS systems can generate accurate consumer behavior reports which may be utilized to create loyalty-based incentives and discounts.

Running a restaurant is a tricky business, and the failure rate is pretty high. Every restaurant should consider getting a merchant account and get a capable POS system.

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