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Hidden Gems of Batanes Island in the Philippines

Almost all foreigners and travelers often ignore Batanes as it is located so far up north, and it is a bit expensive to fly there. Well, if you are one of them, you are making a serious mistake of skilling Batanes. Batanes sure is underrated, and it may be the smallest province in the Philippines but is loaded with touristic attractions. Moreover, there are many cheap flights from Manila to Batanes that run daily.

Batanes is made of natural and cultural attractions, and there are pleasant surprises for those who make the efforts to arrive here. Book cheap Jetstar flights right away to discover Batanes and its hidden gems. It is also known as the Scotland of the Philippines and declared a Protected Landscape and Seascape.

Here are some of the unknown attractions of Batanes Island:

Photo courtesy of Godwin Hernaez via Flickr

  • Explore the Rolling Hills – Coming here on the Rolling Hills is like having your childhood visions come true. You are sure to feel like a child as you lay down on the beautiful, lush rolling hills and feel as if the whole place belongs to you. Pack some picnic feast and spend a lazy afternoon up here for some great time.
  • Nakamaya Burial Site amidst thickets – Passengers have their first look of Mt. Iraya when their plane touches down on at Basco Airport. The archaeological wonder of the sleeping volcano boasts of spectacular cliffs and boulder beaches. Apart from those, hidden amidst the northwestern foothills’ thickets ancient grave markers of Nakamaya. The Nakamaya Burial Site is almost 400 years old and made of smooth stones arranged in the shape of traditional Ivatan boats.
Photo courtesy of No Juan Is An Island
  • The uninhabited Vuhus Island - Head towards the west of Sabtang island to Nakanmuan from where you can reach Vuhus Island. The island is very quiet and made of white sand beaches that are just a perfect place to swim. You can relax or sunbathe on the beaches as well as camp overnight. Experienced divers and snorkelers can test their skills in strong tides and currents.
  • The unique Rapang Stone Bell – Explore the edge of the island along the eastern coastline from Rapang. You will enter the primeval landscape of date palms and at the bottom of limestone lies the Rapang Stone Bell. It is shaped from the limestone slab that naturally rests on a hollow outcrop. The early Itbayatans used the remarkable stone feature to warn villagers of intruders as well as summon herds of cattle and goat.

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  • The fine and perfect Morong beach - While Batanes is famous for many beaches, the Morong beach is a big hit with the locals and the tourists because of its soft fine sands. The waves are also less ferocious and more friendly here, and this is what makes it a favorite among tourists. The beach is short enough and bookmarked by grass-carpeted small hills.
  • The beautiful Duvek Bay – Another hidden gem of Batanes is the Duvek Bay, that boasts of a natural harbor lined with coralline. It is well known for its stone houses and impressive cliffs. Those calm and protected waters make the bay an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. You will come across plenty of colorful tataya boats of the locals anchored here. Take a scenic walk from the village center to reach the bay.
  • Torongan Cave with underground chambers – The subterranean honeycomb of crevices and tunnels are the work of millions of years of rainfall percolating through the rocky island. Explore the Torongan Cave which is also home to coconut crabs, bats, and sea snakes. The limestone cathedral opens to the sea, and the Torongan Burial Grounds feature boat-shaped grave markers that are centuries-old.

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