Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5: Week 8 Highlights

Maureen (Philippines) got 1st place this Week 8 (May 24, 2017) with 45 pts from the scores of the challenges and the photo shoots. It was a good result to slap others in the face, those who doubt her skills as a model. They are Shikin (Malaysia), Tu (Vietnam) and Clara (Indonesia).

I'm sad that Veronica (Indonesia) got eliminated. It should've been Clara (Indonesia), the childish and the one who complains a lot in the group. Clara is very bitchy too and very insensitive of other's feelings. Clara is just average in the group but belittles Maureen (Philippines) saying, "Why are you in the Top 6, just because of your pretty face, but no skills?..."  Wow, that was a very strong statement from someone not even a cream of the crop.

Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 - Top 5
(after Veronica of Indonesia got eliminated)

In Week 7, the other twin sister Valerie (Indonesia) got eliminated, together with Dorothy (Thailand). This happened because of their group video shoot. Unfortunately, they were paired. Both hate each other a lot. This attitude clearly showed in the shoots. Both didn't connect in their scenes, and eventually failed this task.

I love the V twins! They are very pretty & amazing in modeling challenges. 

Dorothy (Thailand) is very pretty and talented as well, despite being very bitchy and looks down on others, thinking she's always better than the rest.

Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 - Top 6

I tried catching up watching episodes from Cycle 4. This is what i noticed... In Cycle 5, there are just a bunch of bitches insulting others, showing bad attitude, looking down on others, and showing a great deal of jealousy/envy.

Unlike in Cycle 4, there are so many nice contestants, very humble, assertive but respectful. They encourage one another, lifting others up. They are not envious of others but rather joyful of others' success. Even if they don't like sometimes the actions of others, they are still polite.

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