Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Neymar Jr’s Five prepares for Finals with 8 competing teams

Neymar Jr’s Five, the Brazilian forward’s signature football tournament, took place over the course of two back-to-back Saturdays, February 18th and 25th for its qualifying rounds at SPARTA Philippines.

Every time one team scores, the opposition loses a player. It pits five-a-side teams in head-to-head in 10-minute matches with a twist. It’s fast, technical, and tactical.

In total, 8 teams have made it to the March 4’s finals – El Retiro, Underground Football, Kidzania, and Laro Philippines from Qualifier A, Manila Tala, Strafford FC, Baggie FC, and Naxional from Qualifier B.

Led by Anton del Rosario, Laro Philippines picked up 1st place at Qualifier A (February 18), while Naxional South American diner's team, led by Daniel Matsunaga, took the top spot at Qualifier B (February 25).


A. El Retiro vs. Manila Tala

El Retiro
Team Captain: Fonso Garcia
4th Place: February 18 Qualifier A

Manila Tala
Team Captain: Lee Suleiman
4th Place: February 25 Qualifier B

B. Underground Football vs. Strafford FC

Underground Football
Team Captain: Kevin James Olayvar
3rd Place: February 18 Qualifier A

Strafford FC
Team Captain: Ezequiel Obarijima
3rd Place: February 25 Qualifier B

C. Kidzania vs. Baggie FC

Team Captain: Tamer Medhat
2nd Place: February 18 Qualifier A

Baggie FC
Team Captian: Chieffy Caligdong
2nd Place: Febuary 25 Qualifier B

D.  Laro Philippines vs. Naxional

Laro Philippines
Team Captain: Anton del Rosario
1st Place: February 18 Qualifier A

Team Captain: Daniel Matsunaga
1st Place: Febuary 25 Qualifier B

The Finals will happen this coming Saturday, March 4th in SPARTA Philippines, in Mandaluyong. It’s going to be another action-packed afternoon to witness who will be playing on Neymar Jr’s home turf.

Dare to dream, and outplay them all!


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