Saturday, August 20, 2016

Philippine Cinema Sessions at O2 Space Solutions | September 10-11, 2016

Philippine Cinema Sessions is a two-day session where participants are offered the opportunity to grasp the ideas, techniques, and processes of the acclaimed filmmakers that make up this generation's Philippine Cinema. This will be held on September 10-11, 2016 at O2 Space Solutions in Makati City.

Beyond the discussions with esteemed filmmakers, the session will tackle the relevance and importance of film in relation to Nationalism and Filipino Pride by showing concrete manifestations in some of the masterpieces of the speakers. 

To help the participants absorb the philosophies of the people behind the films, the two-day session will be spent in an artistic yet modern confinement, after which they will be given the chance to socialize with both distinguished and fellow aspiring filmmakers.

After the two-day session, participants are expected to gain valuable insight on filmmaking as a career and an understanding of the local cinema landscape.

Here are the topics:

  • How to Thrive in the Current State of the Philippine Cinema
  • Importance of Regional Cinema
  • Film Analysis and Evaluation
  • Working with Actors
  • Film and Filipino Pride
  • Script to Screen: Producing Films
  • Stories that Sell: The Art of Pitching
  • The Director's Vision
  • Passion and Practicality
  • Filmmaking as a Career

Each topic will be discussed by a distinguished individual from the filmmaking industry.

Get your tickets here:

The P1,995.00 rate includes the following:
- 2-day Film Sessions 
- Talks from 10 established names in the Film Industry
- Merienda, Drinks and Dinner
- Night Socials 
- Certificate of Participation

You may also pay via bank deposit:
Bank of the Philippine Islands SA Account
Account Number: 8293-0598-46
Account Name: Children's Environmental Awareness and Action Foundation

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