Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vilma Santos tops 2016 Lazada Polls: Mom for all Seasons

To celebrate mother’s day, Lazada, the country’s one stop shopping and selling destination, conducted an online survey among members of the Lazada Super Moms and main FB page. Survey results are based on direct consumer responses and not reflective of the views of or its employees.

Lazada moms are Vilmanians at heart with 69% of respondents saying she is the best representation of a mother, winning over other showbiz icons Sharon Cuneta, Dawn Zulueta and Jaclyn Jose.

Ely beats Chris, but Brad lords over them all
When it comes to music and entertainment, the popularity of local band Eraserheads (40%) beats out international bands, Coldplay and U2. But when it comes to Hollywood crushes, Leo (24%) still has a long way to go before reaching Brad’s (53%) stature.

Mom’s everyday essentials
Moms are more active than ever before. With the limitless number of mom apps available, almost three (71%) out of four respondents prefer using an Android over an iOS. Function over femininity rules as moms prefer wearing shorts (45.3%) as their comfy #OOTD, with jeans as a close contender (43.7%). Baby wipes top their survival kit must have (36.0%) to take out

Value Hunters and Pamperers
Moms are always on the lookout for great deals, especially during sales (37.6%). For example in diapers, Huggies was ranked as the most preferred and trusted brand by moms (34.4%). Interesting to note that moms would rather (1) buy during a sale, (2) use discount vouchers or (3) buy product bundles than ask allowance from dad when the household budget gets pretty tight.

One thing moms aren’t afraid to scrimp on are themselves. 36% of respondents described themselves as part of the Health and Beauty category. When asked what form of dieting they prefer, moms prefer a diet of fruits and veggies (58%) instead of depriving themselves of sweets or rice. For mini-breaks, a surprising 41.2% prefer staycations over out of town getaways.

Mother’s Day Mindfulness
As Mother’s Day is just around the corner, Lazada treats all mothers out there with Mother’s Day Specials until May 5, 2016 with up to 80% off on a wide assortment of products. Perfect gifts for mothers are available from kitchenware, cameras, gadgets and a whole lot more. Lazada also makes flower deliveries possible on Mother’s Day for its first 400 customers who would be pre-ordering on or before 5:00p.m on May 6.

Mom is definitely the queen this May.  Treat your royal highness by visiting or by downloading the mobile app for free.   

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