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FELIX MANALO film tells the history of Iglesia ni Cristo Church & its founder


VIVA Films presents another production of epic proportion as it presents the Felix Manalo biopic earmarked for release in theaters nationwide on October 7, 2015 under the direction of multi-award-winning Joel Lamangan.

Top billed by versatile actor-singer Dennis Trillo in the role of Felix Manalo, the First Executive Minister of Iglesia ni Cristo, and Bela Padilla as Honorata, Ka Felix's wife, the monumental film traces the origins and growth of the INC church from its humble beginnings in 1914 through to the present day.

The film is brilliantly framed by the life of Felix from the time of his birth in 1886 until his demise in 1963. Shooting took all of 57 days over a period of eight months involving some of the country's award-winning production people whose extensive research, through the kind accommodation of the Iglesia ni Cristo, resulted in elaborate production sets and costumes that replicate multiple or specific time periods depicted in the movie.

Interestingly, Felix Manalo cuts across deeply rooted religions as it relays Ka Felix's trials and tribulations in his search for the true faith.

It is an excellent showcase of how one man can overcome challenges about his love of God. The film is essentially a love story between God and man, between Ka Felix and his faith in God, Ka Felix and his wife Honorata and Ka Felix and the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Moviegoers will come to know, through the film, who Ka Felix was as it depicts him like any normal human being -- a dutiful husband and a doting father.

FELIX MANALO (Full Trailer)

The Cast & Creative Team
The top-notch production names included in Direk Joel's team are director of photography Rody Lacap, costume designer Joel Marcelo Bilbao, production designer Edgar Littaua, Danny Red, set design and construction, musical director Von de Guzman and sound engineer Albert Michael Idioma.

Lending support to Dennis and Bela, meanwhile, is a cast of a hundred stars like Lorna Tolentino, Gabby Concepcion, Richard Yap, MyleneDizon, Yul Servo and more.

List of Full Cast:
Main Cast:
Dennis Trillo as Felix Ysagun Manalo, the first executive minister of the INC from 1914-1963.
Bela Padilla as Honorata de Guzman-Manalo, the wife of Felix Manalo.

Supporting: Manalo family
Gabby Concepcion as Eraño Manalo
AJ Mulach as young Eraño Manalo
Heart Evangelista as Cristina Villanueva-Manalo, wife of Eraño
Snooky Serna as Pilar Manalo-Danao, Felix' eldest child and INC's first Head Choir Directress
Carla Humphries as young Pilar
Rey Abellana as Victor Danao, husband of Pilar
Gladys Reyes as Avelina Manalo, Felix' second child
Christian Vasquez as Avelina's husband
Noel Colet as Dominador Manalo, Felix' third child
Andrea Del Rosario as the wife of Dominador
Glydel Mercado as the wife of Salvador
Jon Lucas as Bienvenido Manalo, Felix' last child

Pioneering ministers:
Jaime Pebanco as Justino Casanova
Tonton Gutierrez as Benjamin Santiago
Joel Torre as Teofilo Ramos
Christopher Roxas as Cipriano Sandoval
Richard Yap as Glicerio Santos
Bembol Roco as Quintin Rivera
Alfred Vargas as Prudencio Vasquez
Richard Quan as Teofilo Ora
Lander Vera Perez as Nicolas Zamora
Wendell Ramos as Januario Ponc

INC Members:
Elizabeth Oropesa as Cianang
Bobby Andrews as Apolinario Ramos
Regine Angeles as Engracia Ramos
Raymond Bagatsing as Carling
Alice Dixson as Lilia
Ruru Madrid as Eusebio Sunga
Antonio Aquitania as Atanacio Morte
Boy 2 Quizon as Maximiano Diosenito
Joem Bascon as Lucio Silvestre
Mike Magat as Federico Inocencio
Mon Confiado as Leoncio Javier
Ejay Falcon as Serapio Dionisio

Manalo relatives:
Mylene Dizon as Bonifacia Manalo-(Ysagun) Mozo, Felix' mother
Yul Servo as Clemente Mozo, Felix' stepfather
Jaime Fabregas as Padre Mariano Borja, Felix' uncle
Roxanne Barcelo as Praxedes Ysagun, Felix' sister
Jaclyn Jose as Tiya Victorina
Dexter Doria as Tiya Isabel
Sheryl Cruz as Sanang
Arci Munoz as Tomasa Sereneo, Felix' first wife
Ricardo Cepeda as Rosendo De Guzman, Felix' father-in-law
Bing Davao as Arsenio De Guzman, Felix' grandfather-in-law

Eddie Gutierrez as Pastor Mariano
Tony Mabesa as Pastor Zarco
Ryan Eigenmann as a pastor
Phillip Salvador as Rev. Emmanuel Tanco
TJ Trinidad as Emiliano Quijano
Ramon Gutierrez as Maestro Macario Ocampo
Lorna Tolentino as Rosita Trillanes
Lloyd Samartino as Juan Natividad

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