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Misters 2015 Exclusive Interview: JM DE LA CRUZ (Ilocos Norte Province)

#4 Mr. JM de la Cruz 
(Ilocos Norte Province)
Misters 2015: The Pageant
Exclusive Interview

How would you describe yourself? I could easily get along with others. I have an outgoing personality. As a brother to my siblings and as son to my parents I am a responsible.

Birthday: January 28 1993

Birthplace: Alcala, Cagayan

City/ Country you grew up in: Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic


School/ College/ University + (city, region): 
JMDLC: Cagayan State University

Year & course in college: 
JMDLC: Business Administration, major in Marketing Management (Graduated in 2014)

Company or organization you work for, and your designation/ position: 
JMDLC: Marketing Officer, MMS Entertainment Inc.

What's your dream job? 
JMDLC: Whatever job it is as long as legal but I dream to be a professional model someday.

What are your hobbies?
JMDLC: Reading books

Why did you join Misters 2015? 
JMDLC: My mentor (Macky Balisacan, producer and owner of Mister Ilocandia pageant) pushed me to join this pageant but I also want it badly. I am very decided to do this because this is a big event. And if given the chance to win one of the titles, I will be able to represent our country in the international competition. And aside from that, what really drives me most is the chance to help my family because I do not come from a well-off family. I have 4 siblings who are still studying and my mother is sick yet my father does not receive good salary from his job. So those are the reasons why I am motivated to join this competition.

What's your inspiration/ motivation in joining pageants like Misters 2015?
JMDLC: My inspiration why i have joined misters 2015 are my fellow Ilocanos especially my family.

What kind of preparation do you do for Misters 2015? 
JMDLC: I rigidly train in the gym. I was blessed because Harriyas Fitness Gym sponsored my training fee.

What are the pageants have you joined so far (both local and international)? 
  • Mister Ilocandia 2015 (Grand Winner; Special award: Mister photogenic 2nd runner up, Best in Formal Wear, Mister MLhuiller, Mister Splash)

What do you consider the sexiest part of your body and/or face? Why?
JMDLC: My armpit because as others said it’s like yummy. Hehe!!!

What is your best asset? Why?
JMDLC: My eyes are expressive.  And my armpit too.

Which part of your body (or face) would you like to improve on? Why?
JMDLC: My teeth I know my teeth is not that good as the others that is why I want to improve. I’m contented already with my skin tone.

Brief or boxer shorts?
JMDLC: Brief

Your romantic ideas about love:
JMDLC: Eating street food when it's raining.☺

Countries you have visited:

Countries you'd like to see in the future:
JMDLC: USA and Japan

Favorite city or province:
JMDLC: Ilocos Norte

Which section/s in the newspaper do you like reading? Why?
JMDLC: I have read the newspaper for years. First section I read is always the Sports. After that I read local/regional news. I like columnists, but I don't like reader-written editorials (I COMPLETELY don't care what the "public" thinks.) Now, I rarely read the newspaper. It usually goes from my doorstep, straight into the garbage can. All my news comes online now.

Favorite food: Pinakbet with bagnet and empanada

Favorite color/s: Blue and yellow.

Favorite fruit/s: Avocado and banana.

Favorite vegetable/s: Anything expect ampalaya, bawal ang bitter. Haha!

Favorite books: The Secret by Rhoda Byrne

Favorite magazines: Men’s Health Philippines.

Favorite TV series: none

Favorite movies: none

Favorite hangout place: Anywhere

Favorite actors: Piolo Pacual

Favorite actress: Bea Alonzo

Favorite singers: Martin Nievera

What's your greatest dream? 
JMDLC: My life's biggest dream is not to stop dreaming and to achieve everything that I dream of. Because I’ve learned that the one who dreams also dares to pursue them. These dreams are what we work hard for, fight with the world and never let others put us down. And there is nothing better than not to stop trying and flying high in dreams. ☺

What do you do to keep yourself busy? 
JMDLC: For me a routine helps. I work out and even when I'm horribly depressed, it still helps me, forces me out of bed.

If you are given superpowers, what would it be and why? 
JMDLC: I would like to be able to see what's in a person’s heart. To know who the people are who would do harm or good in advance so I could warn others and keep them safe while helping those who are deserving.

If you're not doing any modeling/pageant, where can we find you? 
JMDLC: In the rice field helping my father.

What do you usually do when you are happy? 
JMDLC: Thank the universe because he makes me happy despite all the challenges in life.

If you could meet one person (dead or alive), who would it be and Why?
JMDLC: The late Nelson Mandela of Africa. He taught us how to respect other people despite their colors and status. If we learn how not to discriminate other people and treat each other as brothers and sisters then this world will be a better place to live in.

If you could be invisible, what are the things you will do?
JMDLC: Get on a plane to America! You know, no passport and all that is needed when you're invisible... and just enjoy!

Rank the following words from the most important (#1) to the least important (#5):

1.  GOD
3.  LOVE
4.  SEX

What is your favorite motto or quotation? 
JMDLC: “The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you’re going to attract more of it into your life.”

What qualities of a person that stand out for you?
JMDLC: Positive and humble.

What qualities of a person that disappoint you? 
JMDLC: Negative.

If you were a thing, what would you be and why?
JMDLC: I think I’d have to be a camera, in the hope that I will be brought to amazing places!

What are the items always present in your bag? 
JMDLC: Rosary as my guide and cellphone.

If you are given US$1 million, what will you do with it and why? 
JMDLC: If I have $1 Million, I'll cut it into 3 portions: 1. For business 2. Tour around the world and have fun 3. Charity works. I will help build a school in a remote area in the Philippines and name the building under my last name. hahaha!!! Very happy!

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