Monday, September 1, 2014

Misters of the Philippines 2014: My Top 12 Favorites

Honestly, it's really difficult to pick your Top Favorites list from all the candidates that participate in any pageant. I really don't do this for the past years that I've been blogging about pageants (for both male & female), simply because each candidate has assets/merits to boast of, namely: looks, physique, personality, attitude, intelligence, candidness, charisma and everything in between. And oftentimes, it's quite unfair to just base our judgment or choices on the looks alone. Though in reality, it counts a lot. We normally choose what our eyes perceive.

My Top 12 Favorites list here was based on a number of factors: the personality I saw in them when I met them and the photos in their pre-pageant competitions. But don't just take my word for it because I may be wrong. Not everyone (even others in my Top 12) I was able to talk to in person, so please forgive me if I fell short of my choices since not everyone I was able to speak to nor had a casual talk. The other 14 candidates may be best in many assets too. So take these as my random choices.

My Top 12 Favorites (in random order):
Judah Cohen (USA)
Adam Davies (Great Britain, UK)
Neil Perez (Tondo, Manila)
Ichin Daclan (Sarangani)
Ibahn Corum Francisco (Dubai, UAE)
John Henry Pescador (Laoag City)
Elvin Tiel (Aklan)
Glenn Suba (San Luis, Pampanga)
Nino Allain de Ocampo (Bocaue, Bulacan)
Joseph Doruelo (Caloocan City)
Nicko dela Cruz (Sta. Cruz, Manila)
Timothy Justin Ancheta (Quezon City)

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