Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#Labyu, a new gay romantic comedy

#Labyu (2014) is a new gay romantic comedy film written and directed by Jill Singson Urdaneta and produced by Dennis Sebastian of Spin Entertainment Production, in association with Sunflower Films International.

#Labyu is the film debut of Urdaneta as a writer-director. It stars Miko Pasamonte (The Escort, Kape Barako, Kumpare) and Albert Goza, who appeared in a film for the first time.

The cast also includes Renee Gozon, Jobben Bello, G.A. Villafuerte, Gelo Arucan, John Galvez, LK King and JB Sinday. The film soundtrack features the music of Jeff Cifra, Kian Dionisio, Jerome and Sebastian Castro.

I had the privilege to be invited to its special screening held at Vizio Bar in Quezon City on March 12, 2014. It's rare for me to watch a full-length film in a resto-bar. Good thing that I saw some friends to keep me in company. I actually did not expect the film to be so funny! Perhaps the good crowd also helped because the story kept us glued and laughing hard. There were actually some scenes (or lines) that made us laugh so hard, not to mention some steamy scenes.

#Labyu Trailer

#LabYu revolves around two characters namely Gerry (Albert Goza) and Paolo (Miko Pasamonte) where they will have a ‘practice’ relationship.

Two complete strangers; each one is on his quest in finding the “perfect one”. Both decided to commit into a relationship with no emotional attachments.

Miko Pasamonte invites you to watch "#Labyu"

Gerry, an NGO volunteer, had been to many failed relationships in the past while Paolo, a good-looking Barista, never had a single serious relationship in his entire life but has slept with countless guys before.

When the two met in an online social networking site, they try out a casual relationship to discover each other’s weaknesses and to understand why they are always get dumped, so when the “right one” comes they already know what to do to make the new relationship work. While the arrangement works for them at first, they soon develop feelings that go beyond the terms of their relationship.

Albert Goza invites you to watch "#Labyu"

This is a story of never ending search for “the perfect one” and doing crazy stupid things all for the sake of love.  Will they finally find “the one”? Or they’re both the perfect one for each other?

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