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Miss Philippines Angeli Dione Gomez is Miss Tourism International 2013-14

Photo courtesy of OPMB Worldwide
The year 2013 ended with a smashing victory for the Philippines. Miss Philippines Angeli Dione Gomez was crowned Miss Tourism International 2013 besting other 59 contestants. On its 17th year, the Miss Tourism International competition was held in Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, IOI Resort City, Sepang Utara, Malaysia on December 31, 2013.

Angeli is 20 years old from Cebu, Philippines, who dreams to be a film director someday. She made a back-to-back victory for the Philippines as Rizzini Alexis Gomez also won the crown in 2012. Philippines clinched its 3rd Miss Tourism International crown for 2013. Miss Philippines Maria Esperanza won the title in 2000.

The back-to-back achievement in this competition already happened for Poland that won in 1998 & 1999.

Photo courtesy of OPMB Worldwide

Photo courtesy of World Class Filipina Beauty Queens
Top 6 Winners:

Miss Tourism International 2013‬: Miss Philippines Angeli Dione Gomez 

1st runner-up: Miss Thailand Sunidporn Srisuwan 
(Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2013)

2nd runner-up: Miss Australia Sarah Czarnuch 
(Miss Tourism Metropolitan 2013)

3rd runner-up: Miss Dominican Republic Michelle Alexis Torres 
 (Miss Tourism Global 2013)

4th runner-up: Miss Malaysia Thaarah Ganesan 
(Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan 2013)

5th runner-up: Miss Vietnam Phan Hoàng Thu
(Miss South East Asia 2013)

Miss Tourism International 2013: The Crowning Moment

Top 10 Q&A
Photo courtesy of Asia's Queen of Beauties

Top 10 Finalists:
1. Australia - Sarah Czarnuch
2. Vietnam - Phan Hoang Thu
3. Bosnia & Herzegovina - Aleksandra Kovacevic
4. Ukraine - Oleksandra Timonina
5. Thailand - Sunidporn Srisuwan
6. Portugal - Sara Monica Matias da Silveira
7. Zimbabwe - Dananai Ratiozo Chipunza
8. Philippines - Angeli Dione Gomez
9. Malaysia - Thaarah Ganesan

10. Dominican Republic - Michelle Alexis Fernando Torres

Top 10 Q&A - Miss Philippines
Photo courtesy of Asia's Queen of Beauties
Photo courtesy of Missosology

Special Awards:
Miss Proton Elegant: Portugal
Miss Beautiful Skin: Singapore
Miss Friendship: Uganda
Best in Talent: Armenia
Miss South East Asia: Vietnam
Great Ambassador Award: Hongkong

Best in National Costume: Mexico
 Top 3 for National Costume:

The other 10 contestants in the Top 20:
 Miss Hongkong
Miss Singapore
Miss China
Miss Uganda
Miss Canada
Miss Indonesia
Miss Chech Republic
Miss Guatemala
Miss Brazil
Miss Bahamas

Pre-Pageant: 7 Subsidiary Awards
1. Miss Beverly Wilshire Gorgeous: Miss Indonesia
2. Miss Portrait Queen: Miss Romania
3. Miss Focus Point Dazzling: Miss Poland
4. Miss Charity Queen: Miss Korea
5. Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter: Miss Australia
6. Miss Avant Garde i-City: Miss Malaysia
7. Miss Poh Kong Glamour: Miss Australia

In their national costumes, Miss Singapore & Miss Philippines

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