Thursday, September 5, 2013

Instant Mommy (Official Entry to the 2013 Cinemalaya Film Festival)

One of the official entries of Cinemalaya Film Festival 2013 is Instant Mommy. Written and directed by Leo Abaya, the film explores on the possibility of what one woman can do to keep the man that she loves.

Instant Mommy brings us to a story of what one woman can possibly do to keep the man that she loves. Bechayda (Eugene Domingo), a wardrobe assistant in TV commercial production, earns a decent living while having a distant relationship with her Japanese boyfriend, Kaoru (Yuki Matsuzaki). Kaoru sends a monthly allowance to Bechayda so that she could augment his income to pay for her bills, to support her family and for the house that they are planning to invest in.

One thing that binds the two is when Bechayda learned that she is pregnant to Kaoru. The Japanese guy is delighted to hear the news. Despite this unspeakable joy, Kaoru is having problems with seetling an annulment with his Japanese wife. He promised Bechayda that as soon as everything turns out well, he will move to the Philippines immediately to marry her. 

Trailer: "Instant Mommy"

Instant Mommy is directed by:  Leo Abaya

MAIN CAST: Eugene Domingo, Yuki Matsuzaki, Luis Alandy, Rico J. Puno, Dudz Teraña, Shamaine Buencamino, Nicco Manalo, 

Cameo Appearances: Angel Aquino, Madeleine Nicolas, Suzette Ranillo, Nico Antonio, Jojit Lorenzo, Tuesday Vargas, Matt Evans, Earl Ignacio, Delphine Buencamino, Mitoy Sta. Ana

Creative Team:
Supervising Producer: Alemberg Ang
Production Manager: Patricia Sumagui
Associate Producer: Mika de Guzman
Music:  Teresa Barrozo
Sound:  Michael Idioma
Editing: Glenn Iturriaga
Cinematography: Nor Domingo, Dexter de la Peña and Jan Tristan Pandy
Producers: Josabeth Alonso, Kris Aquino, Chris Martinez, John Victor Tence, Leo Abaya
Story-concept by Chris Martinez and Jeffrey Jeturian
Written and directed by Leo Abaya

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