Friday, April 13, 2012

Scene Stealers This Top 7 Week on American Idol 11: Some Observations

AMERICAN IDOL's FINAL 7: L-R: Hollie Cavanagh, Colton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone

Of the recent vote-off episode of the American Idol (for Top 7 week), here are some of my observations:

(1) This is the only time that the judges have saved a contestant by strongly fighting for it and even going to the stage to call the attention of the American public - to "vote only for the best!"

(2) The other contestants were happy that Jessica Sanchez was saved and is back in the competition.

(3) When Jessica was singing her "save" song, I noticed the positive aura of Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon - that they are also proud of Jessica getting back in the roster. Really cool and humble guys! Great singers as well!

Jessica Sanchez's Saving Moment (American Idol Season 11)

(4) Elise Testone got the 2nd lowest number of votes. What was going on in her mind when the shocking save took place? -- "What if I was the one voted off, what will the judges say of me? Will they ever save me that way too?"

(5) All the performances this week (both individual & group/pair) are just so brilliant! Despite some okay or negative comments from the judges, all of the contestants have shown such an amazing talent this week. And should I mention - great choice of songs too! Everyone has shown great potential and strength this week.

(6) Humility in the contestants is always apparent. Unlike in the first few seasons of the show, there were contestants who had shown over confidence and kind of shown arrogance. But not this time! The judges pay attention to character, not just talent, which is an essential ingredient to becoming a real star!

(7) It looks awkward that Jessica's mom went up the stage to show support. I just think that her mom didn't have to do something to that extent. It's just totally awkward!

(8) The audience was awaken - to not neglect the votes thinking the best will stay until the end. No, no! Any contestant can just be booted out at any time. Even the best singer of the lot is not safe all the time.

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