Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Open audition for a new indie film

A new indie film in the works by the director/screenwriting team of the award-winning film Niรฑo is looking for an actor to play the role of Joanna, a transvestite who is seriously considering a sex change.

  • small time fashion designer. 
  • preferably long-haired. 
  • age: 24 to 27.  
  • height:  5'5" to 5' 8".  
  • silent type. 
  • non-nonsense demeanor. 
  • down to earth but ready to fight it out if pushed to the limit. 
  • sharp feminine features or aspires to that. 
  • hindi malandi. 
  • hindi madaldal. 
  • Definitely not a screaming queen. 
  • Definitely not a drama queen. 
  • No muscular or athletically toned guys.
Oct 7, 2011 (Friday) from 2 to 10 pm.
Unit 327 Union Square 1 Condo.
15th Ave., QC.

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