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Virgin Labfest 7: Set C & D (June 29-July 10)

Tanghalang Pilipino Foundation, Inc. and The Writer's Bloc present Virgin Labfest 7 (VLF7) to be held at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute in Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) on June 29-July 10, 2011. On its 7th year, VLF is a laboratory theater where untried, untested and unstaged plays are presented. There will be 5 Sets of plays: Set A, C & D has 3 one-act plays, Set B has 1 full-length play and Set E (VLF Revisited) showcases the 3 best one-act plays of the year 2010. 

Friday, July 1, 2011 - 3:00 PM & 8:00 PM
Saturday, July 9, 2011 - 3:00 PM
Sunday, July 10, 2011 - 8:00 PM

written by Mixkaela Villalon
directed by Ed Lacson, Jr.

Every night, a streetlight is the lone witness to the meetings between two hired killers responsible for the string of murders in a particular area in Manila— and every day, dead bodies are left underneath it for a police detective to find, and a young journalist to investigate and report. Streetlight Manifesto tackles the subjective nature of truth and justice, and frames the discussion on dignity of work amidst the backdrop of Manila’s business casual culture of violence. But for every day the investigation remains unresolved, the body count continues to rise.

Paolo O’Hara as Alejandro       
Adrienne Vergara as Gillian           
Bong Cabrera as Samael   
Janessa Louise Roque as Trina 
written by Rae Red 
directed by Paolo O’Hara

A famous actor and his snobby manager
A posh, religious husband and wife
A promiscuous gold digger
A mysterious priest
And an innocent young woman
Seen through the eyes of a puzzled elevator boy, “KAWALA” tells the story of intertwined lives in a condominium and how they affect an important life choice of a confused employee.

Cris Pasturan as Alwin           
Regina De Vera as Angel           
Jerry O’Hara as Mr. Valdez       
Peewee O’Hara as Mrs. Valdez       
Tess Jamias as Nadia           
Jelson Bay as Tonton/Manager/Fr. Morales        

written by Floy Quintos 
directed by Jomari Jose

Miranda Beloto, wife of Governor Bingo Beloto is obsessed with the idea of bringing to her impoverished province the first staging of a full length opera.  As she prepares to face her corrupt, insensitive husband, she must also deal with the pressure from her own manipulative mother.  It seems that Miranda’s foolhardy vision of beauty is all she can cling to in the face of so much brutality.  Or is she herself a crucial part of the cycle of corruption?

Frances Makil Ignacio as Mamang        
Jonathan Tadioan as Gov. Bingo Beloto    
Ana Abad Santos as Miranda    

Saturday July 2, 2011 - 3:00 PM & 8:00 PM
Wednesday, July 6, 2011 - 8:00 PM
Thursday, July 7, 2011 - 3:00 PM

written & directed by Pat Valera 

A mother, wife and daughter remain in the realm of resistance to seek justice. Each has lost a loved one from the tragic sinking of MV Princess of the Stars where 773 people died. One of the worst maritime disasters in recent years, the vessel sank because of the shipping line’s insistence to sail amidst a looming typhoon.

Three years since the sinking, the women persist. However, they slowly forget. Time consumes them, great powers offer bribes, the cost of the struggle becomes insurmountable. Most of all, the memory of pain stabs each time it is remembered. Some succumb to the solace of oblivion, leaving the seemingly endless battle while some remain amidst certain pain and uncertain answers.

‘Balloons, like the moon’ is an elegy for all those lost at sea and their relatives left behind. This play allows us to understand their struggle. For most, we adorn this situation with metaphors but as one character in the play would put it:

“The memory of tragedy holds no metaphor for the bereaved. Maybe writers will be able to salvage a pearl of hope from this barren sea? For those who heard about the news, they’ll say: ‘I’m fortunate’ or ‘Indeed, time is gold!’ But for us? The memory is naked of any beauty. It strikes - a sudden shout - explosion. Is this what you want me to remember? Everday, hour, minute – second – of our resistance? Tell me, how can one survive?”

Mary Jane Alejo as Lourdes Conchas        
Katte Sabate as Enriquita Villacarlos       
Chic San Agustin as Kristine Fontanilla

written & directed by Joey Paras

It is February 14, Valentine`s Day. A pretty young maiden named Eva is trapped in a bus stop along EDSA. Desperately thinking of how to get a cab to make it to her father`s burial in La Loma, she tries to ask passersby on how to easily make it to her destination. As she encounters different bystanders, she sees an easy access to make it to the other lane of the avenue---an opening in the middle of the highway which has a sign: BAWAL TUMAWID, NAKAMAMATAY. This signage prolongs her decision making. In the process of finding the easiest way to cross to the other side, Eva meets a stranger, an old carpenter named Mang Caloy. The old man gives her options on how to make it to La Loma but she remains indecisive.

The heavy traffic caused by the occasion and the unpredictable pouring of heavy rains engage them into a more peculiar conversation. A coffee shop near the bus stop becomes their initial refuge and this is where they begin to share sentiments and funny stories about their past. Eva talks about her father`s death and her simple dreams as a hopia vendor. Mang Caloy breaks the serene conversation by telling the story behind the signage. An unpredictable revelation of the old man`s past marks the climax of the play. As the busy avenue becomes expansive again, an unexpected accident happens. This sudden death catches the ill-fated Eva in deep shock.

Kiki Baento as Eva           
Leo Rialp as Mang Caloy        
Mark Jones Simbit as Blind Guitarist   
Vera Capiral as Blind Singer       
Bham Sumooc as Cigarette Vendor    
Eva Madera as Female Student/Boldstar  
Giovanni Cadag as Street Kid      
Paolo Ballesteros as Homosexual        
Floid Zulueta as Matron/Gay Reporter 
Biboy Ramirez as A Man

written by Russell Legaspi  
directed by Missy Maramara

An Old Man, Francisco finds himself stuck between the comfortable landscape of a Nursing institute and the Promise he holds dearly to be with his love. A promise he intends to keep even if it means he dies trying.

Siegfried Sepulveda as Francisco Manatili       
Mayen EstaƱero as Ashlyn           
Richard Cunanan as Doctor           

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