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Boracay, second top beach destination in the world

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Boracay beach in the Philippines was voted as one of the top beach destinations in the world. It ranked second place, and Providenciales in Turks and Caicos made it on top of the list, according to a survey done by Trip Advisor.  

I was in awe when I landed on that island for the very first time in September 2007 with over 90 people for a church retreat. Can you imagine a church retreat in the island of Boracay? The experience was different. I could never imagine that such a beautiful place exists - pristine waters, white sand, colorful sunset, restaurants and hotels left and right and this one really marked my jaw-dropping wonder - an ATM machine set on sand?

Going to a marvelous place such as Boracay is not complete without capturing the images on camera. I have taken quite a lot of significant shots in the island using my one and only camera which is a point and shoot digicam. Until now, I’m still using my Canon IXUS 70 and still waiting to be blessed with an SLR camera - either a Canon or a Nikon.

I was totally in shock to discover that walking bare feet on the white sands in Boracay did not hurt at all.  The white sand was ultra soft. And even the sun shone so brightly and the heat was scorching, I could walk on the sand freely without my sleepers on even for several hours and no pain did I feel on my feet. 

There was also a part in the beach where the white sand is literally like powder or white cement. When I scooped it, I blew it just like powder. Amazing isn’t it? I had not seen anything like that in my whole life. You won’t believe it as sand. And because of its powdery property, you cannot even sort it in your hand.

Philippines and Thailand were the only two (2) Asian countries that made it in the Top 25 list. Mexico has four  (4) beach resorts in the list and USA clinched seven (7) spots.

You will also notice that out of the 25 Top Beach Destinations, only Boracay has the cheapest rates for a per night accommodation. 

Other beach destinations that made it in the Top 10 are:
3.  Palm/ Eagle beach in Aruba
4.  Negril in Jamaica
5.  Tulum in Mexico
6.  Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, USA
7.  Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman
8.  Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic
9.  Cape May in New Jersey, USA
10.  Santa Teresa in Costa Rica

Other top choices in Top 11-25 are:
11.  Maldives (Panama City)
12.  Panama City Beach (Florida, USA)
13.  Miami Beach (Florida, USA)
14.  Bora Bora (French Polynesia)
15.  Isla Mujeres (Mexico)
16.  Sanibel Island (Florida, USA)
17.  Playa del Carmen (Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico)
18.  Isla de Vieques (Puerto Rico)
19.  Ayia Napra (Cyprus)
20.  Canun (Mexico)
21.  Cayo Santa Maria (Cuba)
22.  Skiathos (Greece)
23.  Clearwater (Florida, USA)
24.  Honolulu (Hawaii, USA)
25.  Ko Phangan (Thailand)

You can also check out the article in Reuters:
Provo, Boracay ranked as top beach resorts.

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