Thursday, March 10, 2011

Invigorate at Sparga Wellness Spa

A new home for wellness can now be found at the heart of Roxas Boulevard in Manila. Sparga Wellness Spa was launched on February 3, 2011.  Ruth Gautier, Sparga Owner, shared her passion for wellness by demonstrating massage treatments offered in the spa. She also personally prepared and served sumptuous selections of canapés, pasta, beef burgers, salads, and deserts.

Way to the comfort rooms separate for male & female

Reception area at the second floor

There is a small garden restaurant inside the spa to serve clients with gastronomic delight, and a separate WIFI Cafe so customers can relax more and feel at home after a rejuvenating massage treatment. Gautier offers various meals that are very healthy and sumptuous. They have Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and refreshing cold teas like Talbos ng Kamote, Lemongrass, and Avocado Pandan which are very unique in this place. I have tried the iced teas made of Talbos ng Kamote and Lemongrass. It’s a different experience and the taste is so good. You should try them.

Foot spa area

Way to the different rooms

Talbos is a good source of iron, vitamins A, B, C, calcium, and phosphorous. Lemongrass on the other hand, is known for its calming effect, which can relieve stress, and detoxifying properties. Avocado Pandan has curative properties good for respiratory infections.

A faucet inside a massage room

 Massage bed

Sparga is derived from the word SPA plus letters of the owner’s name. This place is an old Spanish house that was turned into a spa owned by a Japanese/Korean before. I have seen the interior before and seeing what has become now, it has become a totally different place. Sparga’s wooden walls and antique furnishings give off a cozy feel to its lobby and WIFI Café. A rustic door leads to the spa’s indoor house garden restaurant, which serves dishes like Linguine al Pesto, Sinigang Bangus Belly, Vegetable Panini, and Beef Salpicao.

Couples Room with a bath tub in the middle
Lighted bath tub

Sparga has a very simple and homey ambience. Having worked in various hotels in different countries as a Food and Beverage Corporate Director, Gautier carefully planned the different parts of her spa, where friends can just relax and have meaningful conversations with their companions.

Sauna area

Steam and shower area

Sparga understands the individual needs of their customers, especially when it comes to body, mental, and emotional pains. They have Shiatsu, Swedish, and combination massages. They also offer Modern Hilot, which can rejuvenate one’s mind and body without the usual pain associated with this treatment, and Reiki, which can balance one’s energy and promote well-being.

Room for body scrub/body wash


Ruth personally chose the Calla Lily flower and the green shade of Avocado to give life to the second-floor of the spa. 

Different treatments

To reserve the restaurant for a function, and for more information about Sparga Wellness Spa and its services, call (632) 836 9143 or visit at 1 Sta. Escolastica St. corner Roxas Boulveard, Pasay City. It's near the corner of Gil Puyat and Roxas Boulevard.

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