Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eton Properties launches Centris Walk featuring Asya Restaurant

Eton Properties Philippines adds a new family destination to its growing township project, Eton Centris.  Located at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue, Centris Walk is the newest dining and entertainment strip in the metropolis. Last August 21, 2010, bloggers were treated to a food dining pleasure at Asya Restaurant that serves Filipino-Asian cuisine.

Platter C: Zigzag Roll, Atomic, Chirasi, Scorpio Nights

Any platter with a variety of foods is always best to share with a group of hungry stomachs. Seeing different types of sushi (and with sashimi) is a feast for me!

Hong Kong Fried Noodles

I highly recommend this Hong Kong Fried Noodles. It's crunchy and truly mouth-watering!

Crunchy Oysters

Humba Ala Eh (Pork Kasim & Pata)

Turon with langka topped with ice cream

Any dessert with turon in the menu is truly one of Filipino's favorites. Langka also gives its delicious taste. Ice cream on top or on the side is an added treat.

 Melon, tapioca pearls & gata

Not in the photos are the ever-popular Chinese's Yang Chao Fried Rice and for veggies - Kinunot na Pague, Malunggay and Kangkong. Since I love veggies and I eat practically all kinds, it's best to order veggies in your every dining experience, for health reasons.

Centris Walk’s main attraction is its variety of high-end restaurants, fine dining cuisine, and cozy cafés.  Ten specialty restaurants can be found here, including Asya, My Thai Kitchen, Jack’s Loft, Italiannis, Pancake House, Tutti Frutti, Pho Hoa, Zong, Claw Daddy, and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.\

Organized by SIDCOR, the Centris Weekend Market will be held every Saturday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., showcasing an array of delicacies from organic food choices and native goods to fresh produce and ornamental plants.

Centris Walk is just one of the establishments within Eton Centris that is geared towards having a one-stop work-shop-play-live concept.

An open-space center that offers a mix of hubbub and relaxation, Centris Walk boasts of paved, covered walkways for long family walks, lush landscapes for relaxing afternoons, and 1,000 secured parking slots. State-of-the-art technology mushroom-like pods also line up the walkways of Centris Walk. At night, they light up a soft glow, complementing a relaxing nightly stroll.

The 12-hectare land project of Eton Centris also includes the Centris Station, which opened late last year. It is a two-storey shopping station complete with fast food chains and an SM Hypermarket. With a direct access to the MRT station at Quezon Avenue, commuters on the go now have easy access to their daily shopping needs.

With its strategic location, residential and commercial centers, and combination of modern and green architecture, Eton Centris will be the ultimate city within the city oasis this side of town.

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