Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Launch of the Freshmen Masculine Wash

Men live a very active lifestyle. They engage themselves in a lot of sports activities as a way to de-stress from their very hectic career life. And naturally, men like to sweat a lot. But the question is, with all these sweaty activities, how do men refresh? Can shower alone using soaps do the job? How can men get that ultimate fresh feeling?

When we do sports, we tend to sweat a lot. Being in a tropical country like the Philippines, even if you don't do anything, we still sweat a lot. A shower with soap is good to be refreshed, but not enough. We need to be informed that men too, need an intimate hygiene foam wash. Having that self-confidence and boost is important for men nowadays. They feel "younger" and "more energetic" when they are "cool". And having that "cool" feeling on men's private parts, has actually a scientific benefit!

According to research and doctors, having that 20% cooling feeling in men's intimate areas can actually help them preserve the life span of their sperm and increase the number of counts required. Sperms are destroyed and definitely become low in counts when the intimate parts are much warmer than the body temperature. 

So, giving men's intimate parts some "cool", "clean" and "refreshing" treat, is not just a feeling after all. It can also help men do wonders for their reproductive process! Now men won't have to worry about soaps. Because Freshman Masculine Wash has arrived! This product was launched at the A. Venue Events Hall in Makati City on June 1, 2010.

It's a masculine wash that thoroughly cleans like an ordinary soap! The product's active ingredient, Tea Tree Oil, properly moisturizes the skin, neutrally balanced at ph7 making it gentle on the skin. It gives you that cool, fresh feeling that lasts all day! I've been using Freshman for 3 months now and the feeling is so refreshing. In your first week, you will feel the menthol-like sensation in your genital area because of the tea tree oil content.

Freshman eliminates and protects the male genitals from germs that cause unwanted odor and itchiness! For minor scrapes and wounds, the masculine wash aids the immune system in the healing process. And the Freshmen Masculine wash has been dermatologically tested for proper intimate hygiene.

Freshmen Masculine Wash is already available in the market for a suggested retail price of PhP 79 per bottle. Because men need to feel fresh, clean and cool too!

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