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Eveready's 110th Anniversary Celebrated

Eveready, the number one battery and flashlight brand in the Philippines, signals the start of its year-long 110th anniversary celebration through a kick-off event held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, Pasay City on June 10, 2010.

Dubbed “Eveready: Kasama sa Pagbuo ng Isang Laging Handang Pilipinas,” the campaign was formally launched during the celebration, as part of Eveready’s nationwide efforts to give back to the community.  The campaign aims to help build the Philippines into an Eveready Nation that is always prepared no matter what the emergency. The event was hosted by Regine Tolentino.

A highly anticipated weekend family affair, the event paid tribute to the Filipino families who have welcomed and patronized the brand for decades. The celebration showcased Filipino talents participated in by several schools; service-oriented groups including the Philippine Airforce Marching Band, Philippine Marine Core Marching Band, Metro Manila Development Authority Marching Band, and Silent Drill Performing Group; and Sugarfree.

 Participants including Eveready employees executed a grand flashlight exhibition leading to a 500-strong human flag and Eveready logo formation. Following the performance was a symbolic product donation to select service-oriented organizations and government agencies, among them were the Philippine Airforce, Philippine Marines, Philippine National Police, Philippine National Red Cross, MMDA, City Disaster Council, and the National Disaster Coordinating Council–NCR.

Sugarfree sang their well-loved songs and Eveready’s "Handa Na" jingle.

 Also forming part of the grand celebration was Eveready’s Libreng Sakay — one whole day of free jeepney rides throughout Metro Manila, as well as in the provincial areas including Pampanga, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, and Cebu.  Stationed at strategic locations such as the malls, market places and major thoroughfares, the Libreng Sakay jeepney service was a big hit with thousands of avid commuters who benefited from the free jeepney service.

Sugarfree band
Eveready got its start in the early 1900’s when the American Eveready Company, developer of the flashlight, joined forces with the National Carbon Company, developer of the first D-sized dry cell battery. In 1907, Eveready announced a new battery - the AA size - and introduced several styles of compact vest lights that used this new battery. The innovation continued throughout the years with the development of the AAA battery in 1911, the first 9-volt battery in 1956 and the first alkaline battery in 1957. Since then, families have used Eveready batteries to power their toys, clocks and other everyday devices. The Eveready name continues to stand for trust and reliability.

Most historians date the start of battery development from the late eighteenth century.  However, some archeological finds may push the origin date back as far as 2,000 years ago.  In 1938, Whilhelm Konig made a discovery in Iraq of a 5-inch pottery jar containing a copper cylinder that encased an iron rod.


Late 1700s
•    Galvani – found electricity
•    Volta – ‘pile’ / dry cell battery
•    Michael Faraday - basic principles of electricity.

•    1866 Georges LeClanche patented a “wet cell” system
•    Carl Gassner - first commercially successful dry cell

Me & Ace Escobido, a friend from church

Large advertising poster for the Eveready Flashlight and Battery Company, probably issued for posting in department or hardware stores. A man shines a flashlight on a terrestrial globe, instructing his grandchildren how the rays of the sun create day and night on the earth. Eveready also used this image in magazine print ads, one located from 1935.

In the 1920s and 1930s, the company commissioned a number of illustrations advertising flashlights and batteries for magazines, Eveready catalogs, trade magazines, calendars and posters.

Frances Tipton Hunter created a number of them, generally featuring a child, a pet and an Eveready flashlight. One of the ads, showing a girl shining her flashlight on a litter of nine kittens, became so popular that the company sold 70,000 reproductions “suitable for framing” at ten cents apiece. That work also was the origin of Eveready’s “cat with nine lives” symbol.

Eveready and Energizer brands are global leaders, marketed and sold in more than 175 countries. We are known for our quality and innovation where we have made history as the foremost developer in our segments.

1886 - We introduce the world's first dry cell carbon zinc battery.
1898 - We develop the world's first flashlight.
1956 - We create the world's first watch battery-silver oxide.
1957 - We launch the world's first alkaline battery.
1990 - World's first zero mercury alkaline battery.
1990 - World's first AA lithium battery-longest lasting AA in the world.
1996 - We develop the first on-battery tester.
2000 - World's first titanium enhanced alkaline battery.
2001 - World's first zero mercury zinc air-battery hearing aid
2002 - We developed the revolutionary EZ Change Hearing Aid Battery Dispenser
2004 - World's first AAA lithium battery-loangest lasting AAA in the world.
2005 - …Many more innovations to come!

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