Sunday, June 13, 2010

International champion skaters visit Manila

Armed with sick moves using their boards, Aloha Boardsports champion skaters from all over the world have invaded Manila. I don't play skateboarding but meeting some of the world champions in this sport was exhilirating. It is just amazing to see the videos of skateboarding fanatics and how they flip and turn the board in the air. Aloha Boardsports introduced "Thrilla in Manila" that paved the way to the first-ever national skate tour in the Philippines entitled "Sari-Sari Skate Tour."

The Aloha Boardsports presscon was held at Five-O skate shop at Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive at The Fort in Taguig City on March 20, 2010.

 Louie Lopez

Among these star skaters is 14-year-old Louie Lopez, a California-based boarder who is making a name for himself early in his career. He first started skateboarding at the tender age of 6—after being inspired from watching the world-famous pro-skater Tony Hawk skate a vertical ramp at the X-Games.

David Gonzales & Willow

Lopez will skate along with his idol David Gonzales, the Columbian skater who joined the Flip Skate team in 2008. Luan de Oliveria, Volcom and Tampa Am competitions’ multi-awarded champ, also joins the line up with the European pro-skater Willow, who has likewise been featured in numerous skating videos.

Mark Appleyard

The skater god Mark Appleyard also wowed the Philippine crowd as he showed his tough moves for the tour. Having been a two-time Transworld Skateboarding Skater of the Year and garnering more awards under his belt, Appleyard showed Manila his favorite trick which is the backside smith grind, along with his other famous moves. Meanwhile, Scottish Ewan Bowman, a proskater and also the manager of the Flip’s exclusive skateboarding team, will also be giving his perfect ollies, kickflips, and grinds.

“Aloha Boardsports aims to continue in engaging skateboarding enthusiasts, by inviting the best in the skateboarding world to serve as inspirations,” shares Freddy Gonzalez, President of Aloha Boardsports. “Their arrival will these skateboarding idols also jumpstart the first-ever skate tour series in the country along with premiere of the Flip’s latest skate video ‘Extremely Sorry’ in Handlebar Bar and Grill.” 

As Thrilla in Manila kicked off the series of skate tours all over the country, Aloha tries to seek out more Pinoy skateboarding prodigies. “We’ll be inviting more professional skateboarders all around the globe to help us train and discover local  hidden talents that deserve to be recognized,” Gonzales assures.

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