Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ogilvy designers create green-themed robotars for Robotars 1st Custom Show

Gilbert Ibañez

Zakitar takes in dew through its mouth to grow hydrophonic plants in its body. Slick Rick collects and recycles petroleum products and other toxic waste. If they were to say “Take me to your leader,” their message would clearly be to nurture and clean up our planet. Both are seven-inch Robotar resin custom toys.

Redworks Manila’s Gilbert Ibañez and Jan Calleja created Zakitar and Slick Rick respectively to put a green spin on Robotar or Robotic Tarsier, an art toy by architect-artist Jomike Tejido to promote Philippine tourism, art, food and culture. They join over a dozen other artists with their Robotar designs on display until May 15 at the Robotars 1st Custom Show at the Art Asia Gallery in SM Megamall.
“Zakitar is my first real custom toy, my baptism of fire. I went into it thinking how practicing my craft can help our environment. I learned ‘Kung Fu’—patience as main virtue with 20% planning and 80% improvisation making up my creative process. Everyday objects around the house turned out to be valuable materials in toy customization,” said Ibañez, Redworks’ Senior Illustrator/Senior Graphic Designer.

Jan Calleja
“Slick Rick, like the other one-of-a-kind toys I’ve designed, allowed me to discover new ways of handling materials and approaching challenges. For the torso, for example, instead of a machine-like structure, I used cloth to simulate uniform to suggest discipline and purpose. I also support how exhibit proceeds go to Haribon Foundation for the conservation of natural resources,” said Calleja, Redworks’ Graphic Designer.
Redworks’ General Manager Arvin Sanchez said, “Jan and Gilbert produce polished and well thought out creations which show in both their work and hobbies.”

Redworks is the design and production unit of Ogilvy & Mather Philippines, Inc. Aside from traditional studio operations, it delivers various design and communication requirements, digital production, video editing, and soon, broadcast production. “We call Redworks a ‘beautiful factory’ whose global hubs access over 900 talented craftsman and creatives in over 40 offices worldwide," said Sanchez. "What sets us apart is our small-shop mindset: offering cost-effective, fast but always high-quality brand communications in both traditional and digital media.”

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