Monday, May 24, 2010

IMMAP-Ateneo offers Virtual Community Marketing course

Course Description:
Millions of Netizens belong to virtual communities or social networks and use social media. Get a glimpse on how engaging with customers through social networks resulted in deep brand engagement and one-to-one dialogue.

Virtual communities or social networking sites are proving to be a powerful online marketing venue to target, build relationships and grow your customer base. The most popular sites are a great source for generating massive results for your online marketing campaign. Enroll in this course and learn how to create the right "buzz" to get people talking about you, your business, product, or service. Learn the tools, tips and tricks needed to use your social media time wisely and get great results.

Course Objectives
-    Provide basic framework and common language for virtual community marketing
-    Provide various virtual community marketing executions and case studies for learning
-   Enable participants in integrating virtual community strategies in their respective brand campaigns
Course Outline

 I.   Introduction to Virtual Community Marketing
      A.  The Virtual Community Landscape
                i.      How did it all start?
               ii.      Where are we
              iii.      Where are we going?
II.   Basic Concepts in Virtual Community Marketing
      A.   Virtual Community Marketing Defined
      B.   Fulfillment of Marketing Objectives
      C.   Virtual Community Marketing Ecosystem
      D.   Virtual Community Marketing Lingo
      E.   Kinds of Virtual Community Marketing Campaigns
      F.    Features of Virtual Community Marketing campaigns
III.   Creative Execution Examples and Case Studies
IV.   Virtual Community Marketing Plan

INTRODUCTORY RATE: Php 5,500.00 per module inclusive of the snacks during the classroom sessions, access to an online course, training kit, and certificate of course completion.

Those who register for the whole 11-module diploma program get a 5% discount or Php 57,475.00. (Regular rate after the first run is Php 94,000.00 for the Diploma program and Php 6,900 to 15,500 per module) To register for the Diploma Program, go to

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Entrepreneurs, product champions, brand activation team members, ad agency executives, media managers, marketing, and advertising professionals who need to sustainably engage their customers through effective marketing channels.

METHODOLOGY: We leverage on the channels we champion. We start each module with a half-day face-to-face session and end with another half-day summary session as a venue for consultation, project presentations and networking. In between the face-to-face sessions, participants will have 2 weeks where they can use our online learning platform while being coached by an online facilitator.  The online course content, forums and activities can be taken anywhere and anytime.  We recommend that participants dedicate of at least four hours a week to the online coursework. For example, participants can read course content emailed to them daily as part of their regular routine and then go online to finish their assigned coursework during the weekend.

VENUE: Face-to-face sessions will take place at the Ateneo Professional School Mini Amphitheater Rockwell Center, Makati City for the face-to-face sessions. Participants have the option to take this course purely online by request. This requires close coordination with online facilitator to secure learning output, as well as, strict monitoring of the number of hours spent on the online learning platform before a certificate of completion is issued.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The Digital Marketing Diploma Program (DMDP) is a project involving the Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), Ateneo Center for Continuing Education (CCE), and the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center (AJWCC). It is an 11-course program taken over 11 weeks of online and off-line interaction.  Courses can be taken individually or as part of the diploma program.  Participants who have successfully completed the coursework of Digital Marketing Diploma Program can qualify to be recognized by IMMAP as a Certified Digital Marketer (CDM).

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