Friday, September 25, 2009

NCCA announces a call for proposals for the 2010 National Arts Month

Information was lifted from NCCA website:

For the year 2010, the National Arts Month dubbed as Philippine International Arts Festival (PAIF) will have the theme "Ani ng Sining." It will feature the talents and performances of the many artists and arts groups in the seven arts on whose trainings, competitions, and creative expressions it has invested the past year or so. The Festival will be a celebration of the fruits of the creative efforts for the past year and a looking forward to a richer, more fertile ground in the coming years for the evolution of artistic modes of expression available to the Filipino creative imagination.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts encourages culture and arts organizations nationwide to take part in this celebration by making the PIAF a part of their annual program of activities. Thus, everyone is encouraged to implement their own PIAF Program in their own communities. The NCCA also invites organizations nationwide to submit project proposals that may be considered for possible funding assistance. This funding assistance is competitive. Noteworthy projects shall be selected by the PIAF Ad-Hoc Committee from among all proposals received by the NCCA based on the following criteria:

A. Proposals for new works will be evaluated according to the following:
1. Originality of Concept
2. Innovative Artistic Treatment
3. Interaction of Various Art Forms
4. Reflection of Philippine Culture

B. Proposals for productions based on works by National Artists will be evaluated according to the following:
1. Originality of Concept
2. Innovative Artistic Treatment
3. Creative Integration of National Artists' Works and Styles
4. Reflection of Philippine Culture

C. Proposals for previously-staged productions will be evaluated according to the following:
1. Artistic Achievement
2. Audience Impact
3. Critically Acclaimed
4. Reflection of Philippine Culture

Budget per Project: Php 100,000.00
Slots open for application: 30 slots

The grant is given to individuals or groups whose proposals or current works meet the following qualifications:

1. A production that has been staged and has received critical acclaim or regional or national recognition may apply for restaging the particular work.

2. A new work with a significant theme and innovative production style and featuring the interaction of two or more art forms (architecture, visual, literary, music, dance, theater and cinema).

3. A new production that aims to deepen the public's appreciation for the artistic achievements of two or more National Artists by featuring and incorporating in a creative way the themes and styles of the selected National Artists.

4. The artistic form of all of the above entries may be foreign but the content should be Filipino. However, translations or adaptations of foreign productions (e.g., Broadway) do not qualify. All entries must be original Filipino work and not necessarily funded by the NCCA.

5. The applicant's proposal must contain a detailed written account of the work's concept, its artistic treatment, and other pertinent production requirements.

6. The proposal must also be endorsed by a representative of the NCCA regional committee.

1. Organizations must be duly-accredited proponents to the NCCA. Otherwise, proponents may apply for accreditation by submitting all required documents (for more information, please visit the NCCA website).

2. Proponents must complete the liquidation of an unliquidated project and secure a Certificate of Project Completion from the NCCA Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED) to be eligible to apply for the Ani ng Sining Grant.

3. Proponents with projects to be implemented until February 2010 shall not be eligible to apply for the Ani ng Sining Grant.

4. Only one proposal may be accepted from each organization/individual.

The deadline for submission of project proposals, accreditation requirements, detailed line-item budget and other requirements is on or before the midnight of October 15, 2009. Proposals received after the deadline and/or with incomplete requirements shall not be processed and will be returned by the NCCA to the proponent

All project proposals may be addressed and submitted to:
Plan/ Policy Formulation and Programming Division
National Commission for Culture and the Arts
5th Flr., NCCA Building, 633 Gen. Luna St., Intramuros, Manila
Telephone Nos. (632) 527-2209, (632) 527-2192 loc. 509
Cell Phone No: +63.918.9427972
Fax No. (632) 527-2198 or (632) 527-2084
E-mail: or

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