Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Number Twelve (12)

How significant the number twelve (12) is to us and to the world? Jesus Christ had 12 apostles. The clock has 12 numbers. There are 12 months in the calendar. What else is there in the number 12?

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The number 12 is important in a number of fields, and today, it's taken on a whole new significance here on Multiply.

12 is now equal to the number of millions of registered members on Multiply. Considering that it was only recently that we passed the 11 million figure, we're thrilled at this new milestone.

If you're among this latest million, hello! Thanks for reading our blog, and welcome to Multiply. How are you finding things thus far? Might we suggest a few groups worth checking out?
  • There's the User Support group, a place where users help users with basic questions and such on using Multiply.
  • There's MUDS, a group that's not only good for suggesting new features, but discussing what's on your mind about Multiply.
  • There's customer service, the place to go for help specific to your account.

Even if you're not a new member, you're still an important part of the 12 million. Thanks for helping make Multiply a great place to be.

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