Thursday, February 12, 2009

DLSU's Yuchengco Museum Features Genres of Visual Narratives

Taken from 2401 [26 JANUARY 2009. VOLUME 40. NUMBER 16].
2401 is the official newsletter of De La Salle University.

De La Salle University’s The Museum features this third term (January-April 2009) an exhibition titled HISTORICAL, FICTIONAL, and METAPHORICAL: Genres of Visual Narratives in Philippine Art.

Through history, fiction, and metaphor, the exhibition seeks to engage the viewers in a dialogue and transform them into participants who can relate to the stories in the artworks. Visual clues help the viewers explore narrative art and see how stories are expressed by the artists.

The exhibition aims to help the viewers learn, get inspiration, and preserve memories and culture by understanding the various experiences of people through different genres.

Featured works from the Wili and Doreen Fernandez collection are by Virgilio Aviado, Manuel Baldemor, Benedicto Cabrera, Orlando Castillo, Araceli Dans, Carlos “Botong” Francisco, Anita Magsaysay-Ho, Manuel Rodriguez, Sr., Manuel Rodriguez, Jr., Vin Toledo, and Pepito Frianeza.

From the DLSU Art Gallery collections, the featured artists are Angelito Antonio, Federico Aguilar-Alcuaz, Norma Belleza, Jemo Bitancor, Jose Blanco, Wenceslao Garcia, Jose Joya, Isabelo Quiles, and Roger San Miguel.


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