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Pocketful of Kids Toy Village Media Launch (23 Oct 2008)

I was fortunate to have been invited to the media launch of Pocketful of Kids on October 23, 2008. It is a venue where children can play and learn at the same time, maximizing their various intelligences at full potential. Rare educational toys are also on display where parents can check on toys suitable for their children's needs and skills.

Pocketful of Kids is the very first interactive toy village in the country that carries popular American and European toy brands that encourage children to wonder, discover, and learn through play. 

Please  check out the photo album of this event here.

For press release:

How Play Affects Your Child’s Future

If you think plenty of prenatal exposure to classical music is enough to produce little Einsteins, think again.

Based on scientific research, 75% of a child’s brain development occurs after birth, which means parents can’t rely on Mozart and Chopin so much. 

In fact, according to Sadika Akhter, anthropologist and researcher at Plan International, a child-centered international organization, the primary way for a child to develop fully is through play. “During playtime, children can learn and practice social skills, not to mention develop motor dexterity like grip and muscle control.  Cognitive abilities like problem solving and language skills are also enhanced.”

For example, when children play with blocks, they try to reach for the blocks, pick it up, stack or fit them together.  When they do this, they get to exercise the strength of their fingers and hands and also increase their eye-hand coordination.  This develops the child’s precision, a skill they would need to excel in areas like engineering and medicine.  Other toys like the colorful wire bead mazes enable creativity as they discover different color combinations they can do with the beads—a skill they can use to their advantage if they plan to take design or fine arts.  

“Play helps develop our children socially, physically, intellectually, and creatively.  For example, a child can hone his or her concentration and attentiveness to know and remember the sequence of a certain game,” explains Natalie Tanchip, owner and founder of Pocketful of Kids, the very first toy village in the country.

Pocketful of Kids is the realization of Tanchip’s dream of providing a fun learning experience for kids.  Tanchip conceptualized the toy village as a kids’ happy place where their motor and cognitive skills can be honed, as well as provide a place where they can sit down and play with one another.  And unlike other display-only toy stores, Pocketful of Kids allows children to try out and experience the featured toys from popular American and European brands.

Pocketful of Kids showcases brands like Melissa & Doug, the number one brand in wooden educational toys in the United States which carries everything from puzzles to play food.  They also have Learning Resources that offers educational toys as well as a wide range of teaching resources that aid parents and teachers in developing the cognitive and motor skills of children.

The toy village is also filled with novelty items such as Italian brand Tatiri toothbrushes with built in hourglasses as well as Swiss Educo wire and magnetic bead mazes and scientifically themed toys fromEducational Insights. Aside from these brands, Pocketful of Kids also features the bestselling brand Alex that enhance the imagination and creativity of older kids and teens in the field of arts, crafts and fashion.  It also has books and other services for kids like a health and food section and playground.  The toy village also extends its reach to parents and guardians through parenting seminars and workshops conducted by no less than child experts. 

This is because if parents take active parts in their child’s play, they can observe and gear the child towards a more purposive kind of fun—the one that involves learning.  Toys evolve from being mere items of amusement to ones that anchor the opportunity for kids to further develop and nurture their innate skills and talents. 

“I believe toys and playtime offer more than just entertainment.  Instead, they aid parents in ensuring that their kids grow up and realize their full potential,” ends Tanchip.


For more information, please contact the owner, Ms. Natalie L. Tanchip thru the following #s: (632) 631-7676, 634-7888, 634-2888, or mobile #: (63)917-5213888.

Pocketful of Kids is located at Unit A, 15th Floor, Strata 2000 Building, F. Ortigas Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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