Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bubble Gang's "Ang Spoiled" Storylines, Very Disturbing

I've been a fan of Bubble Gang ever since it started in the 90's. Friday is not complete without watching the show on GMA-7. And now, I would always look forward to its "Ang Spoiled" portion where Michael V portrays the role of a yaya and Ogie Alcacid as the spoiled brat kid because of its whimsical take on the nanny-kid relationship/encounters. 

What has alarmed me the most was this particular video (linked) shown on November 21, 2008. Why would they show it in this manner wherein the kid exhibits an attitude of disrespect to her yaya by concealing what's behind her skirt and even crazily and forcibly taking her clothes off publicly in a store (The "Umaalembong" scene). I thought there is an MTRCB that really screens each and every episode that comes out on TV? And in the first place, as the creative director of Bubble Gang, Michael V. must really examine the storylines that they conceptualize for the "Ang Spoiled" portion. The kind of stories that they portray here is very crucial for kids. They will misinterpret it for sure. Viewers like me will not even find it humorous anymore but disgusting and disappointing. Judge it yourself.

If this has "passed" the supposedly meticulous screening of the MTRCB, it is not surprising that the "Ang Spoiled" portions that were shown before and in the weeks that followed were also aired on TV. These are the following: 

(2) "Duguan Ang Ulo" (5 December 2008):

GMA-7 and Bubble Gang must study their stories very well. A gag show like Bubble Gang intends to make people laugh, not to inflict harm on the value system of our children. Kids imitate what they see. They are also very visual. So we have to be careful in what we feed their eyes on. Parents must guide their children, not only in watching gag shows like Bubble Gang, but in every show that their very young kids are watching on TV. Parents must be there to also explain when the need arises.

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