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MNL City Run 2024 series: Past Legacy Lane Run at Central Park, Alabang | March 17, 2024

Since its establishment in 2019, MNL City Run has swiftly become a premier running event organizer, going the extra mile by incorporating charity into the well-loved fitness activity.

With their string of successful events in the past years, they have already established a name in the running community. In 2023 alone, they have already raised and donated Php275,000 to various charitable endeavors, including Lil Brave Heart, Cerebral Palsy Super Warriors Philippines, Million Trees Foundation, and SOS Children’s Villages.

In 2024, MNL City Run proudly introduces the groundbreaking “MNL City Run 2024 Series: Time 2 Run 4ward.” This marks the first time the organizers will hold a series of interconnected events.

Time 2 Run 4ward” is a call to seize the opportune time to run with a purpose. It's a trilogy that not only focuses on the thrill of running but is a dynamic journey through different eras — embodying progress, purposeful movement, and a commitment to making every step count.

Engaging participants with historical and futuristic elements and “time portals” along the way, “Time 2 Run 4ward” is an occasion that combines running, adventure, and purpose. By joining these three events, participants contribute to redefining the meaning of running. They are bound to enjoy an immersive experience beyond the ordinary — where every run contributes to a charitable cause and embraces the richness of time itself.

Past Legacy Lanes
“Past Legacy Lanes” kicks off the “Time 2 Run 4ward” on a grand note. It will take place on March 17, 2024, at the Central Park Filinvest City in Alabang, Muntinlupa, and will be comprised of four categories: 5KM, 10KM, 16KM, and 21KM.

Registration fee: Php1550
Inclusion: Singlet, Finisher Medal, Finisher Shirt, Drawstring Bag and Race Bib with RFID
Assembly time: 4:00 AM
Gun Start: 4:30 AM
Cut-off: 7:30 AM

Registration fee: Php1350
Inclusion: Singlet, Finisher Medal, Finisher Shirt, Drawstring Bag and Race Bib with RFID
Assembly time: 4:30 AM
Gun Start: 4:45 AM
Cut-off: 7:30 AM

Registration fee: Php1150
Inclusion: Singlet, Finisher Medal, Finisher Shirt, Drawstring Bag and Race Bib with RFID
Assembly time: 4:45 AM
Gun Start: 5:00 AM
Cut-off: 7:30 AM

Registration fee: Php850
Inclusion: Singlet, Finisher Medal, Drawstring Bag and Race Bib with RFID
Assembly time: 5:00 AM
Gun Start: 5:15 AM
Cut-off: 7:30 AM

This event aims to foster cultural appreciation and celebration, all while making an impact on the chosen charitable institution that will receive a cash donation.

The run will commence with a ceremonial start, featuring traditional music and dance performances, setting the tone for a culture-centric experience. Participants will then traverse a route that winds through historically significant zones, showcasing the country’s cultural heritage. Along the trail, interactive cultural areas will provide insights into the lifestyles, crafts, and traditions of indigenous communities. Rest stops will offer traditional snacks and refreshments, allowing runners to savor flavors from the past.

Runners will also don native-inspired singlet and finisher shirts, adding a more cultural touch. The soundtrack for the run will be composed of traditional tunes and rhythms, while the route will be adorned with tribal art, symbols, and decorations.

Past Legacy Lanes will be for the benefit of Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, Inc.

Anawim, established in 1996 in Rizal Province, Philippines, is a compassionate facility that aids poor and abandoned elderly individuals. This sanctuary offers a safe haven for those neglected and forgotten by society, including the elderly whom their families have rejected. With a vision to expand its reach, Anawim aimed to establish additional branches by 2020, extending its care to a wider range of marginalized groups such as orphans and street children. The organization is committed to providing a nurturing environment, ensuring dignity and comfort for those under its care.

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