Friday, September 23, 2022

Anyare: GFX2022 Global Grant Challenge (Call for Submission)

[ANYARE?] GFX2022 GLOBAL GRANT CHALLENGE (open for Filipinos)

"Make Your Next Great Image: Turn your dream photography or film project into reality! Submit a proposal for a chance to receive a global grant award".

Grant is open from Sep. 8th, 2022 to Nov. 30th, 2022. Conclusion of the production period is August 2023.

*No purchase necessary to enter or win.
*A total approximate retail value of all grant awards offered in connection with this program is USD $229,500.

"Proposed projects may be submitted as still photography or in a movie format."

©Krittanun Tantraporn (Global Grant Award 2021)

"Anyare" is a contraction for "Ano ang nangyari?". As a Filipino slang, it is used informally to inquire about details on an event that has happened or is happening. The same term can also be used loosely to ask why something happened. 

ANYARE features exhibitions, activities, and events related to Philippine photography. It will also cover happenings in the international scene to provide better context on the practice of contemporary photography for Filipinos. 

Be a contributor. Send an email to:

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