Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Hassle-free, fun online video games to enjoy with the whole family

Without the normal routine we used to enjoy, life could sometimes feel so boring. No more dine ins, no more parties and get-togethers, no more outdoor activities. Maybe not all was lost but we were limited because of the pandemic. What we can do now is to enjoy everything that is inside the home so we can be sure we are safe at all times.

One way to keep our time inside the house less boring is thru online video games. Let me share you a site where you can find a lot of games to enjoy with different categories. 

Plays.org offers fun and free online games which can quickly be played from the browser. The main goal of the site is to add a bit of joy to people’s lives while they are stuck at home due to the pandemic. The site is somewhat nostalgic to those who used to love playing via console, such as those from the Nintendo era.

What makes Plays.org’s video games unique?
When we hear the word online games or mobile games, one thing that comes to mind are apps that need to be downloaded from a specific source to be able to play with it. But you would be surprised because this site is a bit different because there is no need to download the games, just play directly from the browser. 

Another feature of the site that you’ll love is that it has no ads, no paid upgrades and no addictive loops unlike the many online games that exist today. The app does not follow the trend in online gaming, such that it will not require you to register or set-up an account. You’ll feel a bit safer as you don’t have to provide your personal info.

The games are very casual, but not all are easy to finish or easy to beat the opponent. There are a lot of games to choose from. Are you a fan of arcade games? Neon Invaders is for you if you just want to chill and enjoy. Controls you can use are the left and right buttons on the keyboard to dodge and move. While you can use the space bar to shoot. 

There are also games for comics fans – Avengers, Spiderman, Batman and Incredible Hulk. The Avengers Hydra Dash: Marvel Running Fight Mission Game is a must try. It features various members of the Marvel Avengers team which you can unlock as you win each battle. You can play this game in both desktop and mobile. This game might be a bit harder for young kids because it needs the right strategy to defeat the opponents but they’ll enjoy this for sure especially the nice graphic. 

Of course, the site will never forget to offer educational games for the kids and for the kids at heart. Math made fun with Guardians Defenders of Mathematica, test your typing ability or accuracy with Zombie Typing, play and make music with Virtual Xylophone and more.

A lot of games to discover from the site. And each game will surely give you a less stressful day even if you’re staying at home longer than the usual.

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