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5 tips for taking care of Air Plants

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Even before the pandemic started, many found delight in taking care of different plants. From flowering greens to succulents, vines, ferns, and trees, plants provide joy and calmness to their respective plantito or plantita.

Of course, most popular indoor plants thrive in soil and pots. But if you are looking for something more unique, air plants are a great addition to your plant collection. Here are five tips for taking care of your air plants.

Place Them in Indirect Light

Sunlight is crucial in the growth of plants. Some plants require direct sunlight but in the case of air plants, indirect sunlight is best. Place your air plant at least three to five feet away from a window or an artificial light source. If your air plants are outside, make sure they are in a shaded place. Extreme sunlight may dry their leaves and kill them.

Air plants love a slightly moist area. You may place them close to your kitchen or bathroom window. A few Pag-IBIG foreclosed properties have balcony areas that are shady yet receive enough sunlight for air plants to grow. Future residents of these properties may place their air plants there.

Dunk Instead of Spray

You most likely water your indoor plants with a spray bottle or a watering can. In the case of air plants, dunk them instead of spraying them. Fill a bowl with water. Carefully take out your air plants from their glass globes, then put them in the bowl of water and leave them there for ten to twenty minutes. Shake any excess water before placing them back in their container. Leaving your air plants’ containers with excess moisture may kill them.

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Take Note of Temperature and Environment Changes

Air plants are relatively durable in most temperatures, mainly ranging from ten to thirty degrees Celsius. Still, it is vital to regulate the temperature of where your air plants are. For example, if you have air plants in an air-conditioned room, you may have to water them more frequently because your air conditioning unit draws more moisture. Plus, your air plants might frost and die during colder seasons. It is best to place your air plant in a place that receives natural ventilation. Doing so may keep your air plants alive for longer and away from dry and humid air.

Open Their Container Once in a While

While they usually come in glass globes or terrariums, it is crucial to let your plants out of their containers once in a while. They are called air plants for a reason: they need proper air circulation to live and grow beautifully. Most enclosed vessels encourage moist conditions that may not be conducive for your air plants. Suppose you live in a more humid area; it is wise to place your air plant in a wide and open vessel, like a fishbowl. 

Use Fertilizer

Use fertilizers once a month to encourage healthier growth for your air plants. Be careful not to overfertilize them; doing so will poison your plants. Add small portions to a bowl of water and mix. Place your air plants in the fertilizer mix to water and feed them at the same time.

Overall, while air plants are great indoor greeneries for beginners and expert plant parents, they still need tender love and care to thrive and be healthy. Take care of your air plants with these five helpful tips.

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