Saturday, July 27, 2019

Taiwan Excellence brings ‘Internet of Things’ innovation in the Philippines

Taiwan has been the pivot of the global economy of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) since the 1980s, with huge partnerships among IT giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, to name a few. The country has become one of the world’s largest sources of semiconductors, personal computing, mobile devices, broadband appliances and display markets, which have provided for 16% of their GDP.  

In the uprising of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), Taiwan has widened its integrity beyond modern manufacturing chain, now as an inventive economy of intellectual property and innovators. This overall competitiveness includes first-rate talent, prolific value chain, and resilient entrepreneurial capability, ready to drive new industries of the future worldwide.

Clement Chen | Taiwan Excellence & Asia IoT

Over 95% of Taiwanese companies are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which have adapted ICT applications and domain knowledge in sectors of manufacturing, services, education, healthcare, transportation, logistics, e-commerce, smart living, green energy, and public services. This new entrepreneurial culture is a best practice in driving the progress of Philippines’ SME-driven economy. In the recent event held last July 24 to 25, Taiwan Excellence, organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade (MOEA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), was at the forefront of the Asia IoT Business Platform, Manila Mariott Hotel.

Wen-Chung Chang | Taiwan Excellence & Asia IoT

To share the smart IoT solutions applicable to small, medium and enterprise businesses, Taiwan Excellence has brought dependable partners with proven cutting edge competence in: networking, cloud data systems and communication solutions, by Accton Technology Corporation; data storage, industrial SSDs and other memory modules, by Apacer Technology Inc.; smart tools for education and lecture capture network for intuitive and sustainable learning, by AVer Information; industrial automation, energy management and smart cities, by ICP DAS; and computer-based applications for automation, computer telephony integration, networking appliances, and security systems, by IEI Integration Corporation.

Building sustainable partnerships with neighboring countries and varied businesses is an opportunity to develop a global center of tech entrepreneurship, as Taiwan’s commitment to be the hub of Asia and Silicon Valley. The country has made inroads with many defining market players such as Microsoft, which has elected to establish its IoT research center in Taiwan; Google which has launched the Intelligent Taiwan project that trains 50,000 businesses and students in digital marketing; and Facebook, which has supported Taiwan’s “Made by Taiwan” program of making industries more digitally competitive.

Taiwan Excellence & Asia IoT event in Manila

Taiwan’s main goal is to advocate innovation, improve employment rate and income distribution, and create more balanced regional development, leveraging on the immeasurable forward-looking behavior of many markets now. This circular economy of building a business network ensures continual restoration and regeneration bringing utmost value to both businessmen’s objectives and consumers lifestyle needs.

Taiwan Excellence consistently upholds the immense value of new technologies and the new lifestyles and businesses it has created among varied stakeholders, as it also mounts the first 2019 Taiwan Excellence Esports Cup in Manila on October 4 to 6, 2019; and the Taiwan Expo in November, Davao City.

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