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10th Asia CEO Awards (2019): Open for Nominations

The Asia CEO Awards started in 2010 with a single vision: to celebrate and recognize the best practices of the different companies and industries that contribute to the economy, and inspire more people to follow suit. All of this contributes to goal of the Asia CEO Events group, which is to build the country and help drive it to first world status.

It has been an amazing 10 years. We look back at some of our biggest awardees, homegrown brands proving they have reached global standards, small organizations who we have seen blossom into bigger and more successful companies, and leaders who have set an example for every aspiring Filipino.

And on our tenth year, the Asia CEO Awards is going to go bigger than ever—and this means one thing: it’s because the country is growing and developing, and that the industries driving the economy is getting bigger than ever. The stakes are bigger, the competition is tougher, but all of this is because everyone is becoming a better version of themselves.

We are pushing through tough times—these are times when the eruption of digital is disrupting business-as-usual models, the country is tested by environmental factors, and the landscape of the political scene is a-changing. But these are also the best times to test whether our companies and communities can rise to the challenge.

And so we bring the Asia CEO Awards 2019, the ultimate benchmark of resiliency, competitiveness, and excellence. Fourteen categories, fourteen award sponsors, fourteen companies and individuals that will rise above all. Who will make it to this year’s Circle of Excellence, and who will take home the trophy?

We are bringing back the biggest and heavyweight awards that we’ve seen through the years, but we’re also adding two new categories as we recognize more companies finally embracing and celebrating diversity. This year, we will be awarding, for the first time ever, the Shero of the Year and the Diversity Company of the Year.

Asia CEO Awards 2019
14 Categories
  • Smart Enterprise Global Filipino Executive of the Year – recognizing a Filipino leader who has exemplified true leadership, management, and excellence in his field
  • JLL Expatriate Executive of the Year – recognizing a non-Filipino who has achieved measurable success while overseeing a business enterprise within Philippines.
  • LBC Business Solutions SME Company of the Year – recognizing a company with only 10 to 500 employees but achieved important success in the calendar year
  • World Vision CSR Company of the Year – recognizing a corporate or non-corporate organization that exemplifies a social commitment to the Filipino people through various advocacies, livelihood programs, or environment protection
  • Sprout Solutions Service Excellence Company of the Year – recognizing a company that provides excellent customer service satisfaction
  • Healthway Medical Wellness Company of the Year – recognizing an organization that promotes healthy behavior in the workplace
  • Regus Entrepreneur of the Year – recognizing a company that demonstrated a commitment to introducing and boosting ASEAN economic capabilities and competitiveness within the region
  • SPi Global Technology Company of the Year – recognizing a company that focuses on information and communications technology, sciences, math, and engineering.
  • United Neon Most Innovative Company of the Year – recognizing a company with products, services, or techniques that are considered unique or innovative in its sector
  • Executive Leadership Team of the Year – recognizing an executive team that demonstrated exceptional leadership skills resulting to the maximization of stakeholders values
  • Kalibrr Top Employer of the Year – recognizing a company that promotes a competitive but healthy workplace, resulting in the betterment of the company and the employees
  • EY Global Services Young Leader of the Year – recognizing a leader 35 years old and below who accomplished remarkable achievements in the last year
  • InLife Shero of the Year – recognizing a woman doing business in the Philippines who has achieved success and embodied the strong modern woman
  • TeleTech Diversity Company of the Year – recognizing a company who progressively empowers its employees regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or disability

Nominations for the Asia CEO Awards 2019 opens on May 1 and runs until August 15, 2019. All nominations can be submitted through the Asia CEO Awards website at

Every year, the nominations go through a meticulous selection and deliberation process of our esteemed judges. And every year, we bring experts in their fields, people who know and breathe excellence, to use their keen eye to measure the candidates’ qualifications. This year, all companies and individuals will be evaluated by our strong lineup of judges:

1.  Dr. Bernie Villegas
2.  Cesar Purisima
3.  Darlene Berberabe
4.  Don Felbaum
5.  Ambassador Jose Cuisia
6.  Jun Palafox
7.  Marife Zamora
8.  Oscar Sanez
9.  Richard Mills

We have witnessed, time and again through the various Asia CEO Events, that there are countless companies and individuals in the Philippines who hold limitless talent and endless possibilities. The Philippines is bursting in the seams with potential—and it is up to us, Filipinos, to harness and unlock this. With the Asia CEO Awards 2019 bringing together the best of the best, we hope that the time to unite, evolve, and arrive at the top is now.

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