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4th Moviemov Italian Film Festival in Manila | April 23-26, 2019

Moviemov Italian Film Festival is an itinerant showcase that aims to build a cultural and commercial platform to promote abroad the new italian cinema, with particular attention to the flourishing asiatic market, so rich of new opportunities.

After the successful past editions, Moviemov Italian Film Festival will be back in Manila for the fourth time from April 23rd to 26th focusing on art films and introducing a delegation of awarded authors from the most important international festivals.

Created and directed by Goffredo Bettini, President of Auditorium Parco della Musica and founder of Festa del Cinema di Roma in 2006, and organized by Playtown Roma - an association that also follows Alice nella città, parallel and independent section dedicated to the young authors, Moviemov is realized thanks to MIBACT (Direzione Generale per il Cinema del Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali Italiane e Turismo), SIAE (Italian society of Authors and Editors), and with the collaboration of Philippine Embassy, the Philippine Italian Association and Film Development Council of the Philippines.

This edition will be focused in particular on AUTHORS FROM REAL CINEMA presenting at Cinematheque Center Manila - that recently hosted a selection of films presented in Venice Film Festival - 8 representative and awarded films from the past Italian film season introduced by actors, directors and film critics; among them Lorenzo Richelmy (who plays Marco Polo in the namesake Netflix TV series) will present the opening film Una questione privata by Paolo e Vittorio Taviani, based on a novel by Beppe Fenoglio and presented in Toronto Film Festival in the Masters section; Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino (directors of La minaccia and L’arte della guerra that participated in over 50 international film festival) who will present in Manila their last film Il Cratere after the successful presentation in Venice Film Festival in Settimana della Critica section, and after winning the Special Jury Award at International Film Festival in Tokyo; Agostino Ferrente (founder of Pirata Production and director of Le cose belle presented in Venice Film Festival) will present his last documentary Selfie, showed during last Berlinale.

Also the new Italian talents will have their space: Federica Sabatini (part of the main cast of the 2nd season of Suburra - La serie online on Netflix Italia) will introduce Saremo giovani e bellissimi together with producer Daniele Orazi, a film selected in the last edition of Settimana della Critica in Venice Film Festival. Sponsor of this edition will be Silvia D’amico (Non essere cattivo, Il rosso Blu, Fino a qui tutto bene, The Place and many other titles): one the most promising talents of Italian contemporary cinema.

The Festival will be focused on the educational element and on Yesterday's cinema, and will include an encounter with the students titled Italian and Philippines Cinema Now and a Masterclass held by the film critic Mario Sesti regarding Bernardo Bertolucci's cinema, the Academy Award-winning director, writer and producer, one the greatest Masters of Cinema of all time.

Watch the Film Trailers: 4th Moviemov Italian Film Festival (2019)

Nine (9) Italian Films:

Italy / France, 2017, 84 mins.

Original language: Italian
Director: Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani
Cast: Luca Marinelli, Lorenzo Richelmy, Valentina Bellè, Francesca Agostini, Jacopo Olmo Antinori

Summer 1943, Piedmont, Italy. Milton loves Fulvia who plays with his love: she only likes the depth of his thought and the letters he writes to her. One year later, Milton has joined the Resistance and fights beside other partisans. He learns during a conversation that Fulvia was secretly in love with his friend Giorgio, a partisan like him. Milton decides to go find Giorgio in the Langhe region and its misty hills… But Giorgio has just been arrested by the Fascists.

Italy, 2017, 97 mins.

Original language: Italian
Director: Dario Albertini
Cast: Andrea Lattanzi, Francesca Antonelli, Renato Scarpa, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Raffaella Rea

Manuel has just turned 18. It is time to leave the foster home where he has lived for the past years, after his mother went to prison. But the newfound freedom is bittersweet. Roaming the streets of his desolate neighborhood, alone with his hopes and fears, Manuel tries to leave the teenager behind and become a responsible adult. He must prove to the authorities that he can look after his mother if she is granted house arrest. Can he give her back her freedom, without losing his?

Italy, 2018, 92 mins.

Original language: Italian
Director: Letizia Lamartire
Cast: Barbora Bobulova, Alessandro Piavani, Massimiliano Gallo, Federica Sabatini, Elisabetta De Vito

Isabella still sings Tic Tac, the song that made her famous in the early nineties, when she was only seventeen. Her place is the Big Star, which has also become her second home. Her young son Bruno is her guitarist. The two are inseparable, they perform every night together and they share a ramshackle but happy life of unpaid bills and midnight strolls around the city. Bruno, however, dreams of a different musical career.

Light touches of comedy and the music bring to life the slow but necessary separation between mother and son, a crucial and painful detachment. Just like the end of any other love story.

Italy / France, 2019, 107 mins.

Original language: Italian
Director: Walter Veltroni
Cast: Stefano Fresi, Giovanni Fuoco, Simona Molinari, Francesca Zezza, Jean-Pierre Léaud

Stefano is a 40 year old with two different jobs: staring at rainbows and guardian of a mirror that reflects the sunbeams illuminating the town of Viganella, where he just moved with his wife Luciana. While he is guarding the mirror, a notary comes to Stefano giving him the tuition of a kid, Giovanni, that appears to be his brother - one of the many children his father gave birth. The two different brothers start to know each other and the story turns out to be a road movie between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany in the centre of Italy.

Italy, 2017, 94 mins.

Original language: Italian
Directors: Silvia Luzi, Luca Bellino
Cast: Sharon Caroccia, Rosario Caroccia, Tina Amariutei, Assunta Arcella, Imma Benvenuto

In a cursed land, a father uses his daughter and her voice to take on the world and his own destiny. But success becomes an obsession, and talent becomes a punishment. Crater is a Disney fairy tale in reverse.

Italy, 2019, 105 mins.

Original language: Italian
Director: Claudio Giovannesi
Cast: Francesco Di Napoli, Artem Tkachuk, Alfredo Turitto, Viviana Aprea, Valentina Vannino

Naples. Nicola and his friends are fifteen years old. They want to make money, buy designer clothes and brand new scooters. They play with weapons and ride around the city to take power in the district of Sanità. They love each other like family, they don’t fear prison nor death, knowing their only chance is to risk everything, now. They experience war with the irresponsibility of adolescence, but their criminal activities soon lead them to the irreversible sacrifice of love and friendship.

Italy, France 2019, mins.

Original language: Italian
Director: Agostino Ferrente

Naples, Traiano district. Initially it had to be a temporary peripheral destination for the inhabitants of the slums on the seafront of Naples, left homeless after the war. But the lodgings were permanently occupied, including the basement cellars, and soon the district became a sort of ghetto. Alessandro and Pietro are two 16-years-olds who film themselves with a smartphone to tell their difficult neighborhood, their everyday life, the friendship that binds them.

They also tell of the tragedy of Davide, their neighbor who was killed innocent by a carabiniere after a chase, because he was mistaken for a fleeing wanted. He was sixteen too. It happened to Davide, but it could also happen to Alessandro or Pietro ... That's why the director gave them his smartphone, asking them to film themselves in "selfie" mode, as if they looked in a mirror themselves, their world, their life.

Italy / Greece / Spain, 2018, 110 mins.

Original language: Italian
Director: Gianni Zanasi
Cast: Alba Rohrwacher, Elio Germano, Giuseppe Battiston, Hadas Yaron, Carlotta Natoli.

Single working mother Lucia is trying to find the right balance between life with her teenage daughter, a complicated romance and her career as a land surveyor. Lucia’s future is jeopardized when she realizes that an ambitious new building is environmentally dangerous due to the city council’s inaccurate maps. Lucia is torn by her decision to keep her mouth shut for fear of losing her job. A mysterious foreign woman tries to convince Lucia to stand up to her superiors and recommend a church as the only solution for the troubled building site. Lucia’s belief in miracles will soon be put to the test.

Italy / UK / France, 2003, 130 mins.

Original language: Italian
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Cast: Michael Pitt, Louis Garrel, Eva Green, Robin Renucci, Anna Chancellor.

Left alone in Paris whilst their parents are on holiday, Isabelle and her brother Theo invite fellow student Matthew, a young American, to stay at their apartment. Here they make their own rules as they experiment with each other’s emotions and sexuality, playing a series of increasingly demanding mind games. Set against the turbulent political backdrop of France in Spring 1968, when the voice of youth was reverberating around Europe, THE DREAMERS is a story of self-discovery as the three students test one another to see just how far they each will go. From the novel, The Holy Innocence by Gilbert Adair.

The access to the screenings will be free and the films will be in original language with English subtitles.

The delegation of Festival del Cinema Italiano will be composed of directors (Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino per Il Cratere, Agostino Ferrente for Selfie), actors (Lorenzo Richelmy for Rainbow - Un affare privato, Federica Sabatini for Saremo giovani e bellissimi), film critics (Mario Sesti) and film producer (Daniele Orazi). Actress Silvia D’amico will be the sponsor of this edition. They will introduce the films, they will participate in the encounters with the audience and the students, with a view to the educational component of the Festival.

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