Monday, April 30, 2018

Cine Lokal goes global with record-breaking international collab film, ‘Train Station’

The Film Development Council of the Philippines is proud to announce the Philippine Premiere of the international drama film Train Station in Cine Lokal. The film produced by  McGoollagan Films in Association with US-based filmmakers through CollabFeature. 

This unique collaborative film features 40 directors in 25 countries with 43 actors taking on the the lead actor role of ‘The Person in Brown’ and has been described as a new genre in filmmaking, uniting cultures and breaking language barriers.

Train Station is about a mysterious train accident that forces a man to change his plans, he is confronted with a series of choices. Each decision he makes leads to different scenarios -  filmed by  different directors with a different cast.  Every time the character is confronted with a choice, the film cuts to a new actor in a new city where a new director continues the story, and the character switches ages, genders and nationalities. When the Character reaches the end of a story path, the film backs up to a previous moment and a new director takes us down a different path to explore “What would have happened if…”

Almost transcendent in its treatment, this unique and record-breaking film has won more than 15 international awards and has multiple entries in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records including Most Directors of a Feature Film, Most Female Directors of a Feature Film, Most Languages Spoken in a Feature Film, Most Country Locations of a Feature Film, and Most Number of Actors in the Lead Role.”

Shot on location in 25 countries (including Quezon City in The Philippines) and directed by 40 Directors, this critically acclaimed film has been described as:
“A New Genre in Film Making … Train Station unites cultures and breaks language barriers” - “A World’s First!”
Participating Directors:
Xavier Agudo

Ryan Bajornas
Surya Balakrishnan
Nicola Barnaba
Petras Baronas
Juliane Block
Leroux Botha
Julia Caiuby
Gregory Cattell
Therese Cayaba
David Cerqueiro
Diane Cheklich
Violetta D'Agata
Felix A. Dausend
Tiago P. de Carvalho
Hesam Dehghani
Giovanni Esposito
Todd Felderstein
Ingrid Franchi
Yango Gonzalez
Vania Ivanova
Yosef Khouwes
George Korgianitis
Joycelyn Lee
Craig Lines
Michael Vincent Mercado
Athanasia Michopoulou
Daniel Montoya
Omer Moutasim
Marc Oberdorfer
Aditya Powar
Tony Pietra
Adam Ruszkowski
Andrรฉs Sandoval
Guillem Serrano
Marty Shea
Nitye Sood
Wilson Stiner
Amirah M. Tajdin
Dzenan Tarakcija
Adrian Tudor
John Versical
Kresna D. Wicaksana
Rafael Yoshida
Bruno Zakarewicz

English, Persian, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, Romanian, Filipino/Tagalog, Malay

You are in for a whole new experience of a global film which you can catch in 8 SM Cinemas starting May 4, 2018:

SM Mall of Asia
SM Megamall
SM North Edsa
SM Fairview
SM Southmall
SM Bacoor
SM Sta. Mesa
SM Manila

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