Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cosmopolitan Climbs, new pre-need memorial life plan for the masses

I have never thought of purchasing a pre-need memorial life plan yet. For me, it's an added cost. Whenever some people would want to present to me about this, I never entertain. Because truly it is costly and some are very expensive. But sometimes, it would cross my mind that yes, I need to prepare for my future. 

After attending last October 2 the launch of Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan, Inc. (CCLPI) whose goal is to provide low-cost memorial life insurance plan for the masses, I think I'm considering of getting one myself.

Held at Marriott Hotel in Pasay City, the event was led by CLIMBS President and CEO Fermin L. Gonzales, CCLPI President and COO Noel D. Raboy, CCLPI Chairman Oly Dechangco, Insurance Commissioner Dennis Funa, members of the Board Directors, among others.

CCLPI is a private-cooperative partnership that is first and only in the insurance industry. This is in collaboration of the Cosmopolitan Memorial Chapels and CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative that ensures a reliable service to the public. The Insurance Commission (IC) already approved this joint venture and insurance packages will be available soon to everyone worldwide.

“It is now time that the private sector and the cooperative sector can join forces. We aim to serve the marginalized sector or the grassroots. And with the synergy, we know that there is no room for failure,” said CCLPI Group Executive Officer Fermin Gonzales.

CCLPI Chairman Renato Dychangco said that it is their goal to serve not only the affluent, but also the ordinary citizens. Dychangco ensures, “A private sector and a cooperative has merged together. Our promise to the buying public is to make sure their protection not only now but in the years to come.” 

“The public that we will be catering not only for the people that has money but people also of all kinds of walk in this world. We decided to merge together to make sure that we give protection only for the rich people but the common people who needs help,” adds Dychangco.

CCLPI President/COO Noel Raboy believes that Cosmopolitan-CLIMBS would be able to help a lot of people once all their products become available to the public. Raboy remarked, “With the birth of a preneed company that focuses on life plan, it’s very exciting. We can serve a lot of people especially in the grassroots because of the affordable plans that we will offer very soon.” 

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