Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Social Dating in SWIPE film showing in cinemas

Aliud Entertainment (Aliud), a local production house, takes the storytelling to a whole new level by bringing the narratives to the big screen through the movie, Swipe directed by Ed Lejano

Swipe is the first movie offering of Aliud headed by Paolo Fernandez, one of the most recognized names in the field of production. It is an intriguing dramatic thriller that builds on the deception and paranoia of the movie's characters, whose common thread is their social media connection.

Meg Imperial & Alex Medina

These days, romance blooms with just a few clicks. In the Philippines, it is undeniable that young and mature Filipinos go to online dating sites. Others log on for the fun of it, while many have clear intentions of finding the right one. Users of social dating apps have their fair share of stories, which are usually also found online and talked about by friends.

SWIPE Trailer

Synopsis & Cast
Swipe revolves around the lives of tenants of an apartment complex whose day-to-day living takes a serious turn as they enter the world of a social dating app called Swipe.

Swipe's montage of stories represent the different fates of online dating users. There is Gloria, a middle-aged and newly single woman portrayed by Maria Isabel Lopez. Gloria gets another chance at romance as she finally meets her online lover.

Gabby Eigenmann

Frank, portrayed by Gabby Eigenmann, is a married executive who gets victimized by someone he met through Swipe. An escapist, Frank only shows his true colors through his online persona.

Meg Imperial

Actress Meg Imperial plays Janet, who struggles to save her marriage with Edward, played by Alex Medina, as she recovers from a dark past.

Alex Medina

Mercedes Cabral

Indie actress Mercedes Cabral fills in the shoes of Loida, the building’s new security guard, who becomes the silent witness to the unmasking of the characters' dark side.

Luis Alandy

Other actors include Luis Alandy as Leo, the apartment complex’s manager; Neil Coleta as Jiggy, the son of Gloria; 

Rob Moya

Rob Moya as Josh, the online friend of Frank; 

Alvin Anson as Ted, the online lover of Gloria; Madlen Nicolas as Criselda, the notorious busybody of the apartment building; Roli Inocencio as Andres, the maintenance man of the complex;

Arpee Bautista

Arpee Bautista as Santos, the guard; 
Matthew Barbers as Perf, Janet’s friend; 

Matt Daclan

Matt Daclan as Cenon, the husband of Loida.

Mercedes Cabral & Luis Alandy

Meg Imperial

Filled with stories from the shadows, Swipe will show that online activities cannot be hidden in real life and that all actions produce their own chain of consequences.

Swipe will be seen in theaters nationwide on February 1, 2017.

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