Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tawag ng Tanghalan: Challenger vs. Champion match

On "Tawag ng Tanghalan" segment of IT'S SHOWTIME (ABS-CBN Channel 2):

This is my take on the Daily Winner (Challenger) vs the Champion match. There are only 3 contestants daily. One contestant wins, who becomes the "Challenger." The Challenger then will have a singing match with the "Champion" (the winner/champion from the previous day and other days).

There are times that the Challenger is (far) better than the Champion, but judges are quite "forced" to make the Champion win again when it's very obvious who between the two perform well. Judges have the mentality to make the "Champion" win again for him/her reach 5 rounds (5 times to become a champion) so that s/he could qualify to the semi-finals round -- so that there will a good number of finalists in the semi-finals. I'm not saying that this happens always, but it has happened so many times. There are SO MANY great singers who have lost because of this. This is sad...

Five (5) times to become a champion is not an easy feat. Since that has been the guideline set by the show, they have to stand by it. If there will be new champions everyday, let it happen. It's not fair to push the "champion" reach 5 times to win when s/he doesn't deserve it. I know the singing battle is really tough, and only the best should remain.

During the time of TANGHALAN NG KAMPEON show of GMA Channel 7 in the 80's-90's shown every Sunday at 5:30pm, for a contestant to qualify in the grand finals, s/he should win at least 4 times (champion for 4 weeks). It was still a very tough competition for a weekly show. And some contestants have become champions for 8 straight weeks, which was the maximum stay in the competition.

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