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Exclusive Interview: PIO LUZ | Century Tuna Superbods 2016 Finalist

 Pio Luz 
Century Tuna Superbods 2016
Exclusive Interview

How would you describe yourself? Funny and athletic.

Full Name: Jose Pio Gabaldon Luz III

Nickname: Joey

Birthday: October 6, 1992

Birthplace: L.A., USA

City/ Country you grew up in: Makati City

Nationality: Filipino

Family Lineage & Blood Line: Pure Filipino

Religion: Catholic

Languages: English, Filipino/Tagalog

Profession: Marketing/ Instructor and Coach

Company or organization you work for, and your designation/ position: Marketing OIC, FitFast Wellness Center; Instructor, Saddle Row

School/ College/ University + (city, region): DLSU (Manila)

Year & course in college: 2015 Business Management

Graduate School & Course (if applicable): N/A

What's your dream job? I want to be a pilot in the future.

Why did you join Century Tuna Superbods?
Pio Luz (PL):
To prove something to myself and be the best possible version of myself I can be.

Who/What inspired/motivated you to getting fit and sexy? 
PL: Micheal Phelps, David Rudisha. They are my two favorite athletes for individual sports.

Who/What inspired/motivated you to join a competition such as Century Tuna Superbods?
PL: I wanted to do it on my own but what really inspired me was my old self because I do not want to go back to what I used to be.

What are your hobbies?
PL: I enjoy sports such as basketball and running as well as playing video games.

What are your sports?
PL: Basketball, swimming, running, weightlifting and rowing.

How often do you workout in the gym? How many times do you workout in a week? in a month? PL: I try to find something active to do everyday so I try and hit the gym daily. I enjoy even the lightest forms of exercise such as brisk walking or walking my dog as a light workout.

How many hours do you spend in the gym?
PL: I spend about 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the time I have.

What are your favorite workout exercises?
PL: I love deadlifts. I think it is because it’s the most amount of weight I can lift.

On the average, how long do you spend time in the shower?
PL: I can shower in ten minutes. haha!!!

What do you consider your most difficult challenge in getting fit, healthy and fab?
PL: The diet. It was only during this competition that I learned how to eat properly and eat right.

What preparations did you do before joining Century Tuna Superbods?
PL: I actually found out about the go-see a week before so I continued my workout regimen and started eating cleaner.

What are the other competitions have you joined so far (both local and international)?

What do you consider the sexiest part of your body and/or face? Why?
PL: My body. haha! I feel like I have worked on my body so hard that it stands out.

What is your best asset? Why?
PL: My smile.  I think I have a nice smile. haha!!!

If you're given a chance, which part of your body (or face) would you like to improve on? Why?
PL: Probably my body. I still feel insecure about it at times.

Brief or boxer shorts?
PL: Boxers!

What are your romantic ideas about love?
PL: It's cheesy and if things are meant to be, it will work out.

What is the craziest thing you have done in your life?

PL: Eat a wood worm. hahaha!

If you can look back, what are the things you will never do/be again?
PL: I would probably stay home on nights I had class the next day. My grades would have probably been a lot better.

When did you realize that you need to be fit & healthy? What was the first thing that you did then?
PL: In second year high school, I joined a team at school and worked from there chasing performance and not fitness because that would follow eventually.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
PL: Competing in the UAAP. Although I did not win, it was a great experience.

Countries you have visited:
PL: USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan

Countries you'd like to see in the future:
PL: Egypt especially the pyramids

Favorite city or province:
PL: New York

Which section/s in the newspaper do you like reading? Why?

PL: Opinions and editorials. I find other people's views interesting.

What's your greatest dream?
PL: To be an airline captain for a prestigious airline.

What do you do to keep yourself busy?

PL: I try and find something to do on the side such as running and coaching.

What makes you happy?
PL: Food!!!!

If you're not at work/school, where can we find you?

PL: At the gym or at BGC (Taguig).



Color/s: Orange

Fruit/s: Mango

Vegetable/s: Ampalaya

Books: Catcher in the Rye

Magazines: Men's Health

TV series: Blue Mountain State

Shutter Island

Hangout place: Tambai

Clothes: Polo

Actors: Jesse Eisenberg

Actress: Jennifer Aniston

Music: Hip Hop

Singers: Kanye West

Rank the following words from the most important (#1) to the least important (#5):

1. Family
2. God
3. Love
4. Sex
5. Money

What is your favorite motto or quotation?
PL: You're doing 6. He’s doing 7.

What qualities of a person that stand out for you?
PL: Humor

What qualities of a person that disappoint you?
PL: Selfishness

If you were a thing, what would you be and why?
PL: A hammer because I like getting my way.

If you are given superpowers, what would it be and why?
PL: To fly. I love to explore and see new places.

What are the items you always bring in your bag?
PL: My planner, gum, charger and cologne.

If you could meet one person (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
PL: Albert Einstein. He is brilliant and it would be interesting to converse with him.

If you could be invisible, what are the things you will do?
PL: HAHAHA... I would probably scare people!

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