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Mister Switzerland Pedro Mendes is Mister International 2015; Mister Philippines in Top 10

Mister Switzerland Pedro Mendes won Mister International 2015 in the finals night held at Newport Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila Hotel in Pasay City (Manila, Philippines) on November 30, 2015.  Mendes bested other 35 gorgeous candidates from across the globe.

Mister Brazil Anderson Tomazini won as first runner-up, while Mister Korea Sang-Jin Lee clinched the second runner-up spot. Mister Panama Julian Torres won as third runner-up while Mister Czech Republic Jakub Kraus made it as fourth runner-up.

Mister International 2014 Neil Perez (whose real name is Mariano Flormata Jr.) from the Philippines crowned his new successor Pedro Mendes from Switzerland. Based in Singapore, this is the 10th edition of Mister International pageant that advocates healthy lifestyle.

This is the first time that Switzerland has joined the annual pageant and won.

Mister International 2015 - 
Top 5 Winners:

Mister International 2015: 
Mister Switzerland Pedro Mendes

1st runner-up: 
Mister Brazil Anderson Tomazini

2nd runner-up: 
Mister Korea Sang-Jin Lee

3rd runner-up: 
Mister Panama Julian Torres

4th runner-up: 
Mister Czech Republic Jakub Kraus

Top 10 Finalists in their Formal Wear

Mister International 2015‬ - Top 10 Finalists:

Mister Venezuela Rafael Angelucci
Mister Czech Republic Jakub Kraus
Mister Brazil Anderson Tomazini
Mister Australia Chris Nayna
Mister Indonesia Kenny Austin

Mister Switzerland Pedro Mendes
Mister Panama Julian Torres
Mister Korea Sang-Jin Lee
Mister Puerto Rico Fernando Alvarez
Mister Philippines Reniel Villareal

Mister International 2015‬ - Top 15 Semi-Finalists:

Mister Puerto Rico Fernando Alvarez
Mister Venezuela Rafael Angelucci
Mister Sweden Ivan Djelevic
Mister Panama Julian Torres
Mister Indonesia Kenny Austin

Mister Brazil Anderson Tomazini
Mister Lebanon Farid Matar
Mister China Nan Li
Mister Mexico Alejandro Ruiz
Mister Philippines Reniel Villareal

Mister Czech Republic Jakub Kraus
Mister Korea Sang-Jin Lee
Mister Spain Daniel Barreres
Mister Switzerland Pedro Mendes
Mister Australia Chris Nayna

Special Awards:

Mister Congeniality: Mister Singapore Edwin Aw

Mister Photogenic: Mister Mexico Alejandro Ruiz

People's Choice Award: Mister Spain Daniel Barreres

Mister Diamond Star: Mister Puerto Rico Fernando Alvarez

Mister Fort Ilocandia: Mister Brazil Anderson Tomazini

Mister Mary Kay Cosmetics: Mister Venezuela Rafael Angelucci

Mister Natasha: Mister Brazil Anderson Tomazini

Mister New Placenta Soap For Men: Mister Puerto Rico Fernando Alvarez

Mister Oxin Telegenic: Mister Italy Andrea Luceri

Mister Plaza de Norte: Mister Indonesia Kenny Austin

Mister Philippine Airlines: Mister Philippines Reniel Villareal

Mister River Mount: Mister Philippines Reniel Villareal

Mister Smart: Mister Australia Christopher Nayna

Mister Teceruma Spa & Salon: Mister Philippines Reniel Villareal

Mister Unisilver Time: Mister Spain Daniel Barreres

Mister Vertex: Mister Indonesia Kenny Austin

Best in National Costume:
Overall winner: Mister Philippines Reniel Villareal
(costume by Edwin Uy, inspired by Ibong Adarna)
Other winners: Mister Indonesia Kenny Austin 
and Mister Venezuela Rafael Angelucci

 Top 10 Best in National Costume:

Mister Brazil Anderson Tomazini
Mister India Halley Laithangbam
Mister Indonesia, Kenny Austin
Mister Panama Julian Javier Torres
Mister Philippines Reniel Villareal
Mister Poland Rafaล‚ Jonkisz
Mister Puerto Rico Fernando รlvarez
Mister Thailand Chalaphon Karnwatee
Mister USA Troy Thomas
Mister Venezuela Rafael Angelucci


Countries to debut in Mister International 2015: Cambodia, Georgia, and Switzerland

Countries who withdrew in 2015: Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Canada, Greece, Ecuador, Russia, Slovenia, and Ukraine

Countries who returned in 2015: Belgium, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Panama, Spain, Sweden, USA, and Venezuela

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