Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Top Picks for 2015 Emerging Influential Blogs

The Digital Filipino, headed by Ms. Janette Toral, recognizes the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs each year through its writing project. Any blogger can nominate his/her Top 5-10 blogs that s/he finds interesting and deserve a notice amongst readers. 

These are fresh new blogs with no less than 20 posts and active online for at least 3 months to one and a half years gaining significant following from the netizens and has somehow created an impact in their respective field and in the online world.

Here are my Top 9 list that I consider significant and influential that deserve praise and recognition:

1. Runner Rocky (
This site shows Rocky's true passion for running and fitness. His posts are encouraging for both runners and running enthusiasts alike. His endless selfies can be so enticing that running is indeed a fun hobby to be in.

2. Take Off Philippines (
This site shows Romeo's passion for food and travel. He also writes about Filipino pop culture that are an interesting read.

3.  Dugout (
When it comes to sports authority, this site is a must-read! It covers many interesting news and events about sports happening in the Philippines and internationally.

4. 1M News Network (
This site talks about many different topics that are interesting.

5. Pinoy Secret Files (
This site that talks about trending topics that are both interesting and controversial.

6. Bicol Bloggers (
This site show many things about Bicol's beautiful places, food and culture.

7. Think Pesos (
Money & finances are everybody's business. This site gives us tips on how we can manage our finances and even how to open bank accounts. We need to think about saving for our future!

8. Manila Concert Junkies (
Concerts of local and international artists is what the main menu of this site. If you want to be updated on who are having a concert in advance, visit this site!

9.  Rachfeed (
Such an awesome site this is that covers various interesting and viral topics about people, events, and humanity as a whole.

10. Che Jay's Kitchen (
Food adventures is the main ballgame of this site. Discover new restaurants and food offerings thru this site.

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