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Misters 2015 Exclusive Interview: CARLOS CHING (Cebu City)

#29 Mr. Carlos Ching 
(Cebu City)
Misters 2015: The Pageant
Exclusive Interview

How would you describe yourself? Simple person with simple ambition.

Birthday: November 27,1989

Birthplace: Calubian, Leyte

City/ Country you grew up in: Philippines

Nationality: Filipino

Family Lineage & Blood Line:

Religion: Catholic

School/ College/ University + (city, region) / Undergraduate Course: 
CC: University of the Visayas - BS Criminology (graduate)

Company or organization you work for, and your designation/ position: 
CC: MegaWorld.

What's your dream job? 
CC: Businessman.

What are your hobbies? 
CC: Basketball.

Why did you join Misters 2015?
CC: I want to gain more experience and to build my confidence.

What's your inspiration/ motivation in joining pageants like Misters 2015?
CC: My family because they are always there for me no matter what.

What kind of preparation do you do for Misters 2015?
CC: Workout and preparing my whole self. 

What are the pageants have you joined so far (both local and international)? 
CC: Mr. Mandaue 2011, Ginoong Leyte 2012

What do you consider the sexiest part of your body and/or face? Why? 
CC: My eyes. They can easily attract other people.

What is your best asset? Why? 
CC: My smile. Because the way I smile will surely make you happy. 

Which part of your body (or face) would you like to improve on? Why? 
CC: Nothing. Because I am already contented with what God has given me.

Brief or boxer shorts? 
CC: Briefs.

Your romantic ideas about love:
CC: Respect begets respect; Respect for each other.

Countries you have visited: 
CC: None except the Philippines.

Countries you'd like to see in the future: 
CC: Japan

Favorite city or province: 
CC: Cebu City

Which section/s in the newspaper do you like reading? Why? 
CC: Sports because I love sports.

Favorite foods: Adobo

Favorite color/s: Navy Blue

Favorite fruit/s: Orange

Favorite vegetable/s: Carrot

Favorite books: 

Favorite magazines: 

Favorite TV series:

Favorite movies:

Favorite hangout place:

Favorite actors:

Favorite actress: 

Favorite singers: 

What's your greatest dream? 
CC: A successful businessman

What do you do to keep yourself busy? 
CC: Workout

If you are given superpowers, what would it be and why?
CC: A superpower that will allow me to change the mindset of individuals so that there will be no problems.

If you're not doing any modeling/pageant, where can we find you? 
CC: At my work place.

What do you usually do when you are happy? 
CC: I'm just dancing and singing.

If you could meet one person (dead or alive), who would it be and Why? 
CC: Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio. Because he has inspired my life a lot.

If you could be invisible, what are the things you will do?
CC: To give everyone freedom and to have unity in the world.

Rank the following words from the most important (#1) to the least important (#5):


What is your favorite motto or quotation? 
CC: Dream high and hit the mark.

What qualities of a person that stand out for you? 
CC: Simple and amazing.

What qualities of a person that disappoint you? 
CC: Boastful person. 

If you were a thing, what would you be and why? 
CC: Flashlight to lighten up my family.

What are the items always present in your bag? 
CC: Pencil.

If you are given US$1 million, what will you do with it and why? 
CC: I'll put up a business that can help more people be employed. 

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