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Misters 2015 Exclusive Interview: CHURCH HILL GARCIA (Tarlac Province)

#22 Mr. Church Hill Garcia 
(Tarlac Province)
Misters 2015: The Pageant
Exclusive Interview

How would you describe yourself? I am a person of faith.

Birthday: August 21, 1994


City/ Country you grew up in: I grew up here in the Philippines.


Family Lineage & Blood Line: 

Religion: Catholic

School/ College/ University + (city, region): 
CHG: Holy Angel University (Angeles City, Pampanga)

Year & course in college: 
CHG: BS-Accountancy (Graduate)

Company or organization you work for, and your designation/ position: 
CHG: I have already resigned po from my work. I was a dormer marketing assistant of Fortune Medicare Inc.

What's your dream job? 
CHG: My dream job is to be a flight attendant. 

What are your hobbies?
CHG: I love reading fashion & travel blogs. Dancing. 

Why did you join Misters 2015?
CHG: I joined Misters 2015 to take pride of my being a Tarlaqueno; To share our rich culture and traditions to every persons I meet; To share my values as a well-raised individual aiming to aspire and inspire others. And most of all to promote positivity.

What's your inspiration/ motivation in joining pageants like Misters 2015? 
CHG: My inspiration and motivation in joining this pageant are my parents, my family. Because they are the instruments of God who molded me to become who I am today. I will share and spread the values they taught me.  

What kind of preparation do you do for Misters 2015? 
CHG: I'm preparing mentally, physically and spiritually for this pageant.

What are the pageants have you joined so far (both local and international)? 
  • Mr. CBA HAU 2013 (Grand Winner)
  • Mr. Concepcion Tarlac 2014 (Grand Winner)
  • Mr. Tarlac 2015 (1st runner-up)

What do you consider the sexiest part of your body and/or face? Why?
CHG: I consider my teeth the most sexiest part of my body. Because everything will be great as long as you keep on smiling.

What is your best asset? Why?
CHG: My best asset is the way I communicate to people. I listen and understand them. 

Which part of your body (or face) would you like to improve on? Why?
CHG: I am in the process of improving my calves. I want them to be bigger because it will surely help me in building a solid physique.

Brief or boxer shorts? 
CHG: Boxer shorts.

Your romantic ideas about love: 
CHG: I believe in forever.

Countries you have visited: 
CHG: None so far. 

Countries you'd like to see in the future: 
CHG: I will first explore the Philippines.  

Favorite city or province: 
CHG: My favorite province is Tarlac. And I am aiming to share to you the culture of the melting pot.

Which section/s in the newspaper do you like reading? Why?
CHG: The sports section. I am a sporty guy. Back when I was in high school and college I almost play all of the sports but then it came to a point where I had an injury so I stopped. But still sports have a place in my heart.

Favorite food: Litchong kawali

Favorite color/s: Blue

Favorite fruit/s: Grapes

Favorite vegetable/s: Broccoli

Favorite books: Bob Ong books

Favorite magazines: Men's Health

Favorite TV series: I don't watch TV

Favorite movie/s: Magic Mike XXL, Lord of the Rings

Favorite hangout place: Kart city in Tarlac

Favorite actors: Channing Tatum

Favorite actress: Mila Cunis and Amber Heard

Favorite singers: Chris Brown

What's your greatest dream? 
CHG: My greatest dream is to succeed in all my dreams. To find happiness and to have peace of mind.

What do you do to keep yourself busy? 
CHG: I set goals and I do my best to reach them. That what makes me busy. 

If you are given superpowers, what would it be and why?
CHG: I want a superpower that when others see me, they just feel happy and worry-free. Positivity.  

If you're not doing any modeling/pageant, where can we find you? 
CHG: I would be applying for a job if I am not joining any pageant.  

What do you usually do when you are happy?
CHG: When I'm happy, I just breathe while savouring the moment. It's priceless!  

If you could meet one person (dead or alive), who would it be and Why?
CHG: I want to meet my Grandma. I wanna tell her how much I love her and apologize for not being there when she needed me the most.  I miss her so much. She's in heaven now.

If you could be invisible, what are the things you will do? 
CHG: If I would be invisible, I will try to hug my enemies.

Rank the following words from the most important (#1) to the least important (#5):

1.  God
2.  Love
3.  Family
4.  Money
5.  Sex

What is your favorite motto or quotation?
CHG: All things are possible. You just have to work hard, believe and have faith. 

What qualities of a person that stand out for you? 
CHG: When a person humbles himself.

What qualities of a person that disappoint you? 
CHG: When a person is arrogant and just measures you by your money and possessions.

If you were a thing, what would you be and why?
CHG: If I were a thing, I would like to be a candle so that i can be the light in other's darkest hours. 

What are the items always present in your bag?
CHG: Rosary. Extra shirt. Coin purse. Perfume

If you are given US$1 million, what will you do with it and why?
CHG: If I were given $1 million dollars, I will try to invest it here in our country by putting up a business that can help provide jobs and decrease the unemployment rate in our community. 

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