Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SINEASIA Korean Film Festival presents LOVE FORECAST at SM Cinemas |

Love Forecasta Korean hit film dubbed in Tagalog, will be featured in SINEASIA Film Festival, in partnership with Viva Entertainment, at SM Cinema theaters starting on July 15, 2015.

Love Forecast is a 2015 South Korean romantic comedy film co-written and directed by Park Jin-pyo.Starring Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won, the film depicts the relationship between men and women as being as delicate and complex as the weather.

Love Forecast Synopsis
Weather reporter Kim Hyun-woo (Moon Chae-won) is known for her beauty and elegance on television, but off-screen, she drinks and swears a lot. Hyun-woo has been friends for 18 years with Kang Joon-soo (Lee Seung-gi), a mild-mannered elementary school teacher who gives too much of himself in his relationships but always ends up getting dumped. Joon-soo has secretly loved Hyun-woo for years, but she claims she doesn't feel any sexual attraction between them, and he's had to stand by and watch while she fawns over married colleague Lee Dong-jin (Lee Seo-jin) and goes on a blind date with nice but boring photographer Yeom Hyo-bong (Jung Joon-young).

Love Forecast Trailer

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Other films featured in SineAsia Korean Film FestivalOde To My Father, My Love, My Bride, How To Steal A Dog, The Thieves, and Roaring Currents, top-grossing adventure film in Korea in 2014. 

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