Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Philhealth, SSS, Pag-ibig Orientation, Registration, and Membership Updating for Filipino Artists | April 7, 2015

The Artists Welfare Project Inc. (AWPI) will conduct Philhealth, Social Security System and Pag-IBIG Fund (HDMF) Orientation, Registration and Membership Updating for Filipino Artists on April 7, 2015 (Tuesday) from 1-7 PM at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

AWPI is open to Filipino artists from all disciplines who are 18 years old and above, with the following experience:

  •  Literary artist  – has authored 5 poems or 2 short stories
  •  Dance artist – has participated in 5 productions
  •  Music artist – has participated in 5 productions
  •  Theatre artist – has done 5 performances
  •  Film artist – has done 5 performances
  •  Architect – has built 5 structures
  •  Visual artist and Photographer – has participated in 5 exhibits
  •  Traditional artist – has practiced any of the following: weaving, embroidery, basketry, traditional house-building, pottery, traditional chant, traditional dance, and other forms of traditional knowledge with an aesthetic aspect
  • Technical support/crew (i.e. lighting technician, sound engineer, production assistants, make-up artist, etc. – has participated in 5 productions
  • Arts manager – has supported 5 artists or productions.

RSVP: Ryan Murillo at +63.927.575 3531; Email: artistswelfareproject@gmail.com

AWPI welcomes:
  1. Artists who work freelance, have no benefits, and who would you like to be part of an artists’  initiative to help find solutions to their own vulnerabilities.
  2. Artists who are employed, with benefits or have independent means, but who would like to contribute to this collective effort.

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