Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CD-R King offers Buy 1-Take 1 LED Bulb Promo | February 1-28, 2015 only

LED light bulbs is now in demand because it is cost-efficient, cheaper and last longer. You not only save more energy but you're also helping the environment leaving very low carbon footprints. CD-R King responds to the demands of times and offers its loyal customers various LED light bulbs according to their taste and lifestyle.

CD-R King's LED light bulbs

CD-R King gives its consumers the chance to try LED by offering them a great deal at competitive prices with buy-one-take-one promo. This is applicable only to all bulbs with 4 watts and above. The promo runs from February 1-28, 2015 only.

For a variety of LED light bulb choices, check it here.

Buy 1 LED Bulb 
and Get 1 lower wattage LED Bulb FREE!

CD-R King can do this because:

(1)  LED technology has actually become mainstream abroad and is just as cheap as traditional bulbs; leading brands won’t tell you this.

(2)  CD-R King is a direct seller (from factory, item goes directly to stores; there are no middlemen).

(3)  No celebrity endorsers and high-profile marketing campaigns.

LED Bulb Promo - Buy 1 Take 1

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